Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 708

Chapter 708 So It Turned Out That You Like Me This Much

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Lin Wanwans multiple NGs made An Qiao feel helpless. The staff personnel also developed some strange thoughts.

They were still discussing when Lu Zhanbei, who had returned from the washroom, grabbed a copy of the script and swept his eyes across it simply twice. Then, he walked toward Lin Wanwan and put down a cup of coffee coldly.

"CEO, your coffee."

Lin Wanwan took a moment to realize that Lu Zhanbei was actually reading off the script. She blinked and matched him, saying the next lines.

"Thanks. I love the coffee you make."

"Then Im leaving."

Lu Zhanbei, who played Secretary Gao Leng, turned around. However, Lin Wanwan grabbed his wrist.

"You dont want to see me that much?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her quietly. "Enough of your fun and games."

"Im not playing. I like you."

"What do you like about me?"

Lu Zhanbei was expressionless. There were no emotions at all in his cold phoenixes.

Lin Wanwan suddenly felt a trace of fear. There was no need for her to act as she instinctively hugged his waist, her eyes passionate. "Everything. Its true."

Secretary Gao Leng smiled.

Lu Zhanbeis smile shocked everyone.

Both of them looked at each other. The man was handsome and the woman was pretty. It was an eye-catching scene. The women who were watching blushed, and they couldnt wait to become Lin Wanwan.

"I dont believe you, and I dont want to be your 88th boyfriend."

That was right. This overbearing female CEO changed her boyfriend faster than changing clothes.

She watched as the secretary left and her face fell. "Ive already decided to give up on my old ways. Why do you refuse to believe me?"

A round of applause sounded. Lin Wanwan turned her head and saw Ruan Baoer appear, carrying desserts and summer drinks.

"Yes, its this feeling!" An Qiao shouted and was very excited. "So it turned out that its not that you dont know how to act in romantic scenes. You just have to see who the other party is."

Ouyang Li also joked, "I can only be blamed for not being as good-looking as Wanwans boyfriend. If not, she wouldnt have been unable to find the feeling."

Upon hearing this, everyone let out kind laughter.

Lin Wanwan covered her face.

Seeing her embarrassed look, Lu Zhanbei played with her hair out of habit. He teased, "So it turned that you like me this much and only have feelings for me?"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. Seeing his familiar gentle look, her heart felt inexplicably at ease.

"Look how smug you are now."

"If you need me to help you find back the feeling next time, just let me know. Im very willing to do so, especially for kissing or bed scenes."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Ok, Ill get An Qiao to add in a kissing and a bed scene now. If I cant find the feeling, Ill ask for your help again."

Lu Zhanbei pulled her hand. His eyes curved into a dangerous arc. "You dare to? You think I wont dare to act a kissing scene with you right now?"

Oh my!

Listening to him say this, Lin Wanwan realized that she had actually flirted with Lu Zhanbei in public.

She swept her eyes across and saw Ruan Baoer watching with gusto. An Qiaos eyes had turned red from the agitation of watching them.

The rest had looks of envy and jealousness. Lin Wanwan was really so hateful!

Not only did she have good progression in the entertainment circle, she also had a near-perfect boyfriend.

He was young, wealthy, good-looking, and had a good figure. He even knew how to take the initiative and act with his girlfriend when she couldnt find the right feeling.

Sensing Lin Wanwans stare, Ruan Baoer stood akimbo and smiled. She made a phone call gesture and said, "Hello, is this 110? I want to make a report. Theres a couple whos flirting so much in front of us. I cant take it any longer. Come quickly and burn them to death!"