Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Im Hungry

Chapter 709: Im Hungry
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Even if Lin Wanwan was thick-skinned, she still felt awkward with so many pairs of eyes looking at her ambiguously. She hurriedly pushed Lu Zhanbei away and got him to leave.

"You can leave now."

Lu Zhanbei knew when not to overdo something. "Then Ill pick you up at night."


When Lu Zhanbei drove off, An Qiao leaned over and said, "Young girl, is your man interested in entering the entertainment circle? With his presence alone, he could defeat all the male gods in the entertainment circle in minutes!"

Lin Wanwan gave him a side glance. "Why dont I call him back and you ask him this face-to-face?"

"Dont. I dont have the guts."

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across the people who were whispering not too far away. "Uncle, help me let them know they are not to leak out todays matter and Lu Zhanbeis photo to the public."

"No problem."

Actually, even if An Qiao didnt order them to do so, the production team, who were veterans in the entertainment circle, also understood who they could afford to gossip about and who they couldnt afford to offend.

After this, Lin Wanwan filmed her scenes successfully.

Perhaps Lu Zhanbei had really helped her to find back the feeling. Her condition gradually returned to normal.

After filming a few scenes, Lin Wanwan had half an hour of break time.

Ruan Baoer sat over and announced formally, "Sister Ball, Ive decided to pursue Si Han."

Lin Wanwan said teasingly, "Not afraid that your family will object to this?"

"Im not afraid. Ive decided to fight back!" Ruan Baoers eyes were determined.

"You have ambition. Then pick a good day and confess to Si Dada."

"No." Ruan Baoer shook her head. "Si Han doesnt like me. If theres external pressure as well, he would just keep away from me as much as possible. I have to rely on myself and overcome all obstacles, then confess to him. Although theres a high chance he would reject me, its fine. Im still younger than he is. I can afford it!"

Actually, she was still quite hesitant.

However, after she saw Lin Wanwans and Lu Zhanbeis interaction, she suddenly wanted to try the taste of love very much.

For Si Han and for her own love, she had to try her best.

Lin Wanwan realized that although Baoer seemed soft, in reality, she had thought things further than anyone else.

"Go for it. I will always support your decision!"

Time passed by quickly.

Before returning to Yun Mansion and the production studio every day, Lin Wanwan would occasionally go to school or the hospital to visit Fu Zhinian.

Gu Mo became her driver and he protected her in the dark.

It was a rare day for her to rest. Lin Wanwan woke up, flipped over, and looked at Lu Zhanbeis quiet sleeping look.

His sleeping look was less frightening, and he looked gentler and more docile.

As she looked at him, Lin Wanwan recalled how he had disturbed her the previous night. Thus, she decided to wreak havoc. She leaned over and bit his throat.

"Stop it."

The mans low and hoarse voice sounded. Lin Wanwan knew that he was pretending to sleep.

She ignored him and continued biting.

Lu Zhanbei gradually squinted his originally closed phoenixes. He even raised his head slightly so that it was more convenient for her to bite.

Lin Wanwan started to bite relentlessly. It was only when she heard the man utter an extremely sexy moan that she recalled that this was his sensitive spot. If he was aroused too much, the person who would suffer ultimately was still herself.

She tried to escape but Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist.

"Do you think that you can still run away?"

Lin Wanwan stared fixedly at him. "Im hungry."

Lu Zhanbei laughed lowly. "Feed me first. Then Ill feed you."

At this moment, the mobile under the pillow vibrated. It could be said that it was a godsend!

Lin Wanwan rolled out of his embrace. "Ill pick up the call first."