Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Praise The Sows For Their Beauty

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Mo Chen finally noticed Lin Wanwan. His eyes sparkled. Sprinting to her side, he grabbed her by her hand and spoke like a total romantic, “Oh~ beautiful lady, I think we have met before.”

This way of flirting was way too common for Lin Wanwan. She casually answered, “Where?”

“In my dream.”


Suddenly, Mo Chen got on one knee. Just like a loyal knight, he gently held up the princess’ hand.

“It must be god guiding us together. Please have faith in our destiny and trust my love at first sight. My heart is like the clouds in the sky, pure and simple”

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

She had seen many people who were flirtatious, but someone this lame was a first for her.

“My lady, please accept my humble confession!”

Speaking, Mo Chen lowered his head and tried to kiss Lin Wanwan’s hand.

Before his lips could get close, Lu Zhanbei, who was watching, suddenly pulled the check away from his hand. He smirked. “Try to disgust me further.”

Mo Chen immediately gave up on confessing. “Zhanbei Oppa, that’s my money!”

“It’s mine now.”

“How can you be so shameless!” Mo Chen cried.

“Is it your first day knowing me?”


Eventually, after Mo Chen’s shameless apologies and promises, Lu Zhanbei returned the check to him without even batting an eye.

Mo Chen put away the check carefully, making sure that it wouldn’t be retaken. Afterward, his expression changed in an instant, and he said in a righteous tone, “Lu Zhanbei, no matter what your relationship is with this lady, from this moment onwards, I will take care of her for the rest of her life. Game over for you!”


Great. Just seconds ago, Mo Chen was calling him “Oppa.” In the blink of an eye, it became “Lu Zhanbei.”

“Mo Chen, if you ever come to me pleading again, it won’t be cash that’s thrown in your face.”

“ Will it be bricks then?”

“Heh, you know what you deserve.”

Lin Wanwan watched as Mo Chen pondered about it. At last, he seemed to have made a vital decision.

“Wait for me, my lovely muse. Once I empty this guy’s wallet, you are going to be mine.” He glanced at Li Wanwan with such grief and indignation.

Before his words even came to an end, he rushed to Lu Zhanbei, massaging his shoulders like a loyal henchman.

“My dear brother Zhanbei, this time, I got you a Kar 98 the fastest rifle in the world. I’m sprinting home right now to take it, hang on!”

Mo Chen ran away like a bat out of hell, and his voiced lingered around the two.

Lin Wanwan tittered at Mo Chen’s fading silhouette. “I’m just out for a stroll and I’m getting hot guys confessing to me. I can’t believe how popular I am!” She turned to Lu Zhanbei with a tint of adorable pretension.

He glanced back at her and smirked. “Mo Chen has been in the army for more than a decade, he would praise the sows for their beauty.”

“What the hell are you trying to say?” Lin Wanwan’s expression stiffened for an instant before she gave Zhanbei her killer’s stare.

“Relax” His fingers brushed through Wanwan’s silk-like hair, and the affection in his eyes made him seem less distant all of a sudden.

The gentle touch brought tranquillity back to Wanwan. Just as she’s about to forgive his boorish remarks, Zhanbei snickered softly. “You are at least a bit prettier than a sow.”

There was a prolonged moment of silence, deadly and chilling, then came this furious roar, which echoed in the hallway.


Her voice drifted in the wind, reaching the ears of few

“What a familiar voice”