Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 711

Chapter 711 It Was Safer To Murder A Person With A Borrowed Knife

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"Heh heh."

Lin Wanwan laughed sarcastically and left quickly.

Lin Qinghao continued to stroke the red belly-band. His eyes were as gentle as water, but there was also inexplicable strangeness in them.

"Ah Yun, I dont blame you for not loving me. I also dont blame you for abandoning me for so many years. However, theres only one thing I cant forgive you for betrayal."

He didnt tell Lin Wanwan that when he saw that woman who looked like her mother, there was another man by her side.

Lin Qinghao loved her deeply. There was no doubt about it.

She was the only woman he had loved in his lifetime. He wanted to be together with her despite being subjected under Matriarch Lins and Tao Xinyues double pressure. He forced her to have his child and successfully used Lin Wanwan to keep her by his side.

After that, she left without returning.

As hate had grown out of love, he was angry with Lin Wanwan.

The only thing that didnt change was the love that he had hidden well but never allowed to disappear.

Lin Wanwan bumped into Old Master Lin, who was taking a stroll in the garden. She immediately dismissed the thought of going back and accompanied him to enjoy the flowers and have a chat.

Old Master Lin was knowledgeable and humorous. She was soon laughing along with him.

Lin Siqing, who witnessed this scene from afar, really wanted to use the flower cutter in her hands to destroy Lin Wanwans face.

She was about to rush over when Lin Wanxin stopped her. "Ill do it."

Lin Siqings eyes shone excitedly. "You want to"


Lin Wanxin messed up her hair. Her beautiful face revealed an appropriate smile, and she walked toward Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan thought of Lin Qinghao then. She couldnt help but ask, "Grandpa, do you still have an impression of my mother?"

Old Master Lin was not surprised that she asked this question.

"She was a good woman and didnt compete for anything in this world. However, her life wasnt that good. She became an orphan when she was young. She studied and worked at the same time to get into university. She came to the Lin family to be a servant to earn a living. Later, your father fancied her and forced her to get pregnant. She became a lover who couldnt be seen in public."

Lin Wanwan responded with an "oh." Then, she gently bit her lower lip.

Old Master Lin sighed. "Little girl, have you always borne a grudge against her?"

Lin Wanwan was silent for a long time. Then, she nodded.

She felt that this was unfair to the original owner.

Her mothers departure and her fathers anger and indifference had caused her to be a pearl in her parents palms that became a weed that everyone could trample on. In the end, she even lost her life because of this.

Old Master Lin placed his hand on her head. "Dont bear a grudge against her. Shes a good mother. She must have had her difficulties for leaving."

Lin Wanwan didnt say anything.

"Second Sister, Grandpa."

At this moment, Lin Wanxin walked over slowly and naturally greeted the two of them.

"Grandpa has been staying at home all this while. You must be feeling bored. Its rare that Second Sister is here today. Why dont you take a stroll with Grandpa in the nearby park?"

Lin Wanwan was free the entire day and was naturally happy. She asked Grandpa by throwing him a questioning look.

Old Master Lin nodded. "Ok. Coincidentally, I want to move my muscles a little as well."

The grandpa-grandchild pair left happily.

Looking at their back views, Lin Wanxin smiled.

Lin Siqing walked over and had a disappointed look. "I thought that you were planning to give Lin Wanwan a lesson."

Lin Wanxin felt helpless. "Siqing, it looks like you have forgotten the words Ive said to you before."

"What words?"

"There are a lot of people who want to deal with Lin Wanwan. Compared to us taking action, its safer to murder a person with a borrowed knife."

"You mean her boyfriends father?"

Lin Siqing hung out with Lin Wanxin every day and knew a lot of information.

In her heart, this seventeen-year-old sister was not only scheming but also knew a lot of secrets. It was as if everything was under her control.