Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Couldnt Bear To Destroy Everything That Mattered To Her

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Lin Wanxin plucked off a bright azalea and took a deep breath. She looked gentle, but her eyes were covered with frost.

"I just want him to know that besides Si Han, Lin Wanwan also cares about Grandpa."

The most vicious devil often draped itself in the skin of an angel.

Lin Wanwan put on sunglasses and a mask. She wore a very old-fashioned jacket and took a stroll in the park while holding Old Master Lins hands.

Gu Mo didnt want to disturb them; thus, he followed them from behind not too far away.

He had previously handed over a high-tech device to Lin Wanwan. As long as she was more than 500 meters away from him, the device would be alerted.

There were a lot of people in the park. Most of them were elderly people.

A silver-haired old lady was sitting on a swing. As her old partner pushed her, he wiped her sweat as well.

Lin Wanwan felt warmth in her heart. She used her mobile to capture this scene and sent the photo to Lu Zhanbei.

"A couple who had grown old together. Isnt this image beautiful?"

"It looks like its about time for me to propose to you."

Lin Wanwan smiled and placed the mobile back in her pocket. She continued to chat with Old Master Lin.

Under the relaxed atmosphere, time passed by very quickly.

Lin Wanwan only sent Old Master Lin back to the Lin family in the afternoon. She had lunch with him, then left by car.

Not too long later, a black car stopped at the courtyard wall in front of the Lin familys villa.

The middle-aged man who got off the car looked in the direction Lin Wanwan disappeared to. He dug out his mobile and reported truthfully everything he had seen today.

When Lin Wanwan returned to Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei was not around.

She went to the study room and found a sketch paper and a pen. She started to draw.

She was absorbed in her drawing when Lu Zhanbeis voice suddenly sounded.

"What are you writing?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She crushed the sketch into a ball, as if feeling guilty. She threw it into the rubbish bin without changing her expression.

"Nothing much. I was inspired just now and wanted to record it. However, I now feel that this storys quite ordinary."

Lu Zhanbei nodded. "Have you eaten lunch?"

Lin Wanwan hooked his arm. "Not yet. Lets go."

She only wanted to lead Lu Zhanbei out right now.


The two of them headed downstairs and had a simple but delicious lunch.

As Lin Wanwan had already eaten, she only casually tried two mouthfuls.

Lu Zhanbei noticed that she kept yawning. "Go and take an afternoon nap if youre full."

"Do you want to come along?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Are you sure you want to sleep together with me?"

He emphasized the word "sleep."

"Ah, pretend that I didnt say anything."

After Lin Wanwan went to the bedroom, Lu Zhanbei went to the study room. He picked up the small ball of paper from the rubbish bin and smoothened the folds. He realized it was a character portrait.

The slender woman was wearing a white cheongsam. She had shoulder-length black hair. Although there were no facial features, the glow of a mother radiated from it.

Lu Zhanbei sat down and picked up the pen.

Following rustling sounds, he filled up the blank face.

In the end, he slowly shredded this portrait.

If someone saw Lu Zhanbeis current expression, he or she would have felt extreme fear and anxiety.

Lu Zhanbei dug out a cigarette and lit it up. His mood was definitely not as calm as how he looked.

The fact that Lin Wanwan drew this portrait meant that she still had some illusions about her mother.

She had grudges, but she cared about her as well.

He couldnt bear to destroy everything that mattered to her.

After smoking a cigarette, he dug out his mobile.


"" Lu Zhanbei listened to the uniform breathing sound from the other end and smiled plainly. "Come back."

"Oh," he replied, then asked half a beat later, "Not killing anymore?"

"Not killing."