Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Grandpa Has Disappeared

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After putting down his mobile, Lu Zhanbei rubbed his temples. A self-deprecating smile curved up from the corners of his lips.

He didnt expect that there would be a day his heart would soften.

Forget it.

At this point in time, Lu Zhanbei didnt expect that his sudden change of mind would lead to a dilemma in the near future.

After filming for some time, Lin Wanwan recalled that she hadnt seen Ruan Baoer for quite a while. She decided to go to the winery during her break.

As she pushed open the door, she saw Si Han brewing tea.


It was as if Lin Wanwan had discovered the New World as she had a shocked look.

"Si Dada, have you found your conscience? Youre not bullying Ruan Baoer anymore but decided to support yourself by your own labor?"

"She left."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. "Left? Where to? Back to the Ruan family?"


Lin Wanwan secretly thought that Baoer must have returned home to prepare for a showdown with her parents.

She decided to help Baoer, who fought for her love.

"Si Dada, from the day that Ive met you, you have never been in a relationship. Do you like women? Or have you not met the woman you like?"

Si Han swept his eyes over her. His look was so sharp that Lin Wanwans heart tightened.

The next second, he leaned his handsome face over. "I like this girl Ive known for ten years, but she only treats me as a friend."

Pooh. He was teasing her again!

If it were in the past, Lin Wanwan would definitely have teased him back.

Now that she was in a relationship, she had to take note of her boundaries with people of the opposite gender.

"You dont mind at all now that Baoer has left?"

"Im very sad." Lin Wanwan didnt get the chance to rejoice before she heard him sigh. "How can I not be sad when Ive lost a free and capable servant?"

He was so heartless!

"What kind of woman do you like, then?"

Si Han gave her a side glance. "Mature and sexy, smart and unrestrained. Most importantly, she must have huge breasts so that it would be comfortable to use them as pillows."

He paused, then added, "In short, the exact opposite of you."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

What did he mean by the exact opposite of her?

She was also mature and sexy, smart and unrestrained, alright?

As for breasts

"Forget it. I cant be bothered asking about your love life. Anyway, youre destined to stay single for life."

She grabbed her handbag and left in exasperation.

Si Han laughed lowly and continued to brew tea.

A few days later, it was the day Fu Zhinian was discharged.

Lin Wanwan woke up early in the morning and pulled Lu Zhanbei to the hospital. In the end, her efforts were futile.

The doctor told her that Fu Zhinian had left alone when the sun wasnt up yet.

Lin Wanwan lowered her head in disappointment. She glanced at the cake she had specially bought for him.

Lu Zhanbei pressed her shoulders. "Ill send you to the production studio."


Lin Wanwan didnt dare to let Lu Zhanbei enter the studio and chased him away. In the end, Gu Mo stayed behind as a bodyguard.

After she was done filming a few scenes, Gu Mo handed her mobile over to her.

"There was someone called Lin Wanxin who called you a couple of times just now."

Lin Wanwan thought about it and decided to call her back.

The other party picked up the call after a ring.

"Second Sister"

Lin Wanxins voice was a sob from the other end, and there were traces of her crying.

Lin Wanwan had an ominous feeling in her heart.

"Second Sister, Grandpa has disappeared"

Upon hearing this, it was as if Lin Wanwan was struck by lightning as she instinctively asked for details of the situation.

"Grandpa likes to take a stroll in the park after meals during this period of time. Generally, he would be back after an hour. However, after he left home this morning, he hasnt returned. I got the servants to look for him. Even after they searched the entire park, Grandpa still couldnt be found. Grandpa was Grandpa kidnapped?"