Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 714

Chapter 714 A Flea Who Didnt Know Its Place

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Lin Wanwans expression changed, and she forced herself to calm down. "Ill be back immediately!"

After speaking to An Qiao, she immediately ordered Gu Mo to start driving.

Gu Mo started the car. "What happened?"

"My grandpas missing."

Gu Mos eyelid jumped. "Could it be"

The remaining words stopped abruptly. Lin Wanwan could guess what he wanted to say. "Lets check it out first. Dont jump to conclusions."

After all, the Lin family was considered to be wealthy. Perhaps Grandpa was kidnapped by kidnappers who were seeking money.

"Gu Mo, drive faster."

The car sped along. Lin Wanwan rushed into the living room quickly and realized all the Lin family members were gathered together.

Lin Qinghao had a grave expression on his face. Lin Siqing and Lin Wanxin were seated left and right next to him, comforting him.

Matriarch Lin was pounding the cane in her hands. Her face was full of bitter unhappiness.

"That old man is getting more unreliable as he grows older. Hes about to step a foot into the grave but could actually go missing now. I bet he is suffering from dementia!"

Lin Qinghao rubbed his temples tiredly. "Mother, something must have happened to Father. Can you say fewer words?"

Matriarch Lin said coldly with dissatisfaction, "Why should I say fewer words? He only knows to find trouble for me every day. Hes a useless good-for-nothing. Perhaps he went far away with his lover, just like Lin Wanwans mother. Lets not bother looking for him and let him die outside"

Lin Qinghaos face became very ugly.

When Lin Wanwan, who was standing at the door, heard such sarcastic words, unprecedented anger surged in her heart.

"Shut up!"

These cold words were like thunder. Matriarch Lin was so frightened that her body trembled.

When she realized the person speaking was Lin Wanwan, her face immediately sank. "Lin Wanwan, is there anyone like you who speaks to her grandma in such a manner"

She didnt say the scoldings after that as she met Lin Wanwans cold gaze.

"Old woman, only the elderly people who have high morals and lead by example are qualified to lecture their own grandchildren.

"You have been together with Grandpa for so many years. You have also been in affairs when you were young again and again. Youre a shrew who has gotten into trouble countless times. Grandpa was the one who accommodated you without any bottom line.

"Now, I just want to ask you a question. Have you lost your conscience to a dog?"

From Lin Wanwans view, this witch was just a flea who didnt know its place.

In order to stop this woman from harassing her, she had asked Lu Zhanbei to check on her negative news. She didnt expect that they would be put to good use today.


Matriarch Lin was so angry that her face was contorted. She was about to raise her cane to hit her but became weak under Lin Wanwans fierce gaze.

This was the first time she realized that this granddaughter whom she used to look down on and now treated as a money tree had such a powerful aura.

Lin Siqing, who was by the side, was stunned. Her good-for-nothing defeated look made Lin Wanxin seem all the more calmer.

"Second Sister, the priority now is to find Grandpa."

Lin Wanwan didnt look at Matriarch Lin again. She started to probe for details about Old Master Lins disappearance.

The more she asked, the more scared she felt.

According to Lin Wanxin, she had sent all the servants to the park to look for him. Not only was he not found, but there wasnt even a clue at all. Old Master Lin seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

"Ms. Lin!"

At this moment, Gu Mo walked in briskly.

"Sir has already received news. He asked me to bring you to the main residence of the Lu family immediately."

Indeed, Old Master Lins disappearance was all thanks to Lu Zhengyu!

"I still have something on. Ill leave first."

After saying this, she didnt care about Lin Wanxin, who was holding back her words, and left quickly.

Lin Siqing poked Lin Wanxins hand and exchanged a tacit smile with her.