Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 715

Chapter 715 The Old Man Who Had Suffered

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Lin Wanwan met Lu Zhanbei at the main gate of the Lu familys main residence.

Once she got off the car, she immediately grabbed Lu Zhanbeis sleeve. A trace of anger could be seen in her nervous eyes. "Your father really captured my grandpa?"

"Eighty or ninety percent, yes."

Although there wasnt any evidence, only the old man could do so without anyone knowing. Furthermore, he had a motive.

"Dont be anxious. Ill save your grandpa."


Lin Wanwans heart felt more stable after getting reassurance.

Lu Zhanbei brought her into the main residence without any obstructions. Lu Zhengyu was not around. Even his butler seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Only a servant who used to serve Lu Zhanbei reported to him, trembling. "Young Master, Old Master had left yesterday morning. Before he left, he asked me to hand this over to you."

Lu Zhanbei received the envelope and opened it.

Lin Wanwan leaned over.

There was a photo in the envelope.

When Lin Wanwan saw the scene in the photo, she felt that she had fallen into an ice hole. It was so cold that her teeth were shaking.

The background of the photo was a swimming pool. A white-haired old man was thrown into it.

Obviously, he didnt know how to swim. His skinny hands were splashing waves, and his wrinkled face was full of pain.

Grandpa it was Grandpa!

The temperature in Lu Zhanbeis eyes dropped sharply. He flipped over the envelope in his hands and saw a few long lines of words on the back.

"No need to waste your efforts. You cant find me. Even if you find this place one day, you will only find Lin Wanwans grandpas cold corpse. As long as the two of you are together for another day, her grandpa will suffer another day more. Seven days is the deadline. If the two of you havent broken up after seven days, I will deliver his corpse to Yun Mansion."

With a tear, Lu Zhanbei tore the envelope in his hands. His eyes were scarily cold.

Lin Wanwan wrapped her arms around her body, which was trembling.

She had never felt so scared before. In her two lifetimes, it was unknown how many life-threatening incidents she had encountered.

Even if she almost died in the car accident suffered with Fu Zhinian just recently, she wasnt as fearful as she was now.

She had never felt so angry before.

If Lu Zhengyu was unsatisfied in any way, he could have a go at her. Why did he have to lay a hand on an innocent old man!

She didnt mind using her life to fight it out, but she would never allow anyone to harm her relatives and friends!

Lu Zhanbei hugged her. He could sense her nervousness and helplessness. His powerful palms patted her back gently.

"I will definitely find your grandpa."

Lin Wanwan sucked in a few breaths of cold air consecutively and buried all negative emotions in the bottom of her heart.

"I believe you. But please, hurry up, ok?"


Lin Wanwan followed Lu Zhanbei back to Yun Mansion in a confused state. Even if her heart was burning with anxiety, even if she could not wait to go and find Old Master Lin, she still appeared calm. She was obedient and didnt disturb Lu Zhanbei so that he could wholeheartedly find Lu Zhengyu.

Lu Zhanbei pretty much used all his strength to investigate on this. There were a lot of miscellaneous news, but none of them were useful.

Lu Zhengyu had taken a private jet yesterday morning to Country L. Then, he transferred planes several times and used all modes of transportation to successfully confuse Lu Zhanbeis tracking.

"Sir." Gu Mo pushed open the door and entered. "I have already contacted Mo Jiushang. Madam Yu has left Country M yesterday morning. Her whereabouts are unknown now."

Lu Zhanbei slowly closed his eyes. Indeed, he shouldnt be so soft-hearted.

If he had killed Madam Yu long ago or, perhaps, didnt give up on this thought and got Jiushang to monitor the other partys movements, he wouldnt be in such a passive position now.