Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Listen Up Dont Even Think Of Breaking Up

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"Continue to investigate."


Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows. He stood in front of the window curtains and looked at the bustling night scene.

The old man had done a good job with this "do or die" idea. He chose to lay a hand on the powerless old man. He had learned his lesson from capturing Si Han previously, and he similarly grabbed hold of Lin Wanwans weakness.

If they had fought using their capabilities, Lu Zhanbei had at least an 80 percent chance of victory.

However, to let him find someone from the vast sea of people within seven days, it was even harder than going to heaven.

He knew that Lin Wanwan, who was in the next bedroom, must not be sleeping. He wanted to accompany her very much, but he didnt want to bring along disappointing news.

At this moment, the door was pushed open.

He turned around and saw Lin Wanwan walking over, carrying a cup of milk. Her expression was as calm as before. However, her reddish eyes couldnt hide the fact that she had shed tears not too long ago.

"Lu Zhanbei, its very late. Drink a cup of milk and take a break."

Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth. He actually didnt know what to say.

"Why arent you saying anything? Stunned?"

Lin Wanwan stuffed the cup of milk into his hands and walked back as if nothing happened. "I should sleep too."

Looking at her heavy back, Lu Zhanbeis heart was covered by a thin trace of shadow.

"Lin Wanwan!" He grabbed her wrist. "Listen up. Dont even think of breaking up!"

Lin Wanwan wanted to smile but could not smile.

After a long while, she drew a long breath and took the initiative to enter his arms. "What nonsense are you uttering? Even if you wanted to break up, I wont agree to it. You have taken advantage of me for so many times. Besides you, who else would want me?"

Lu Zhanbei tightened his hug, and his tightened heart relaxed.

He was very afraid that Lin Wanwan would choose to give him up in this dilemma.

Lin Wanwan patted his hand, signaling him to let go. "I believe you can definitely save Grandpa within seven days."


Lu Zhanbei didnt ask what would happen to her if he couldnt find Old Master Lin within seven days.

He didnt want to put her in a difficult spot, and he didnt want to think of the consequences of failure.

He had to succeed!

Lin Wanwan returned to the bedroom and closed the door. Her knees buckled and she fell onto the ground. The terrible situation depicted in the photo appeared uncontrollably in her mind.

She covered her face with both hands. Glistening tears flowed out from the gaps between her fingers, dampening the entire back of her hand.

Silent crying carried with it suppressed heartache.

Every minute and every second now was long and scary.

After a long while, Lin Wanwan climbed up and sat by the bed.

She sat there the entire night.

The next day, Lin Wanwan applied for a week of sick leave from An Qiao. She didnt go anywhere and just stayed quietly in Yun Mansion, waiting for news.

Lu Zhanbei, who was in the study room, similarly didnt sleep for the entire night.

After spending nearly two days, he still couldnt find Lu Zhengyus hiding spot. He decisively made up his mind to give up on such a purposeless search.

"Gu Mo, have you done what Ive asked you to do back then?"

Upon hearing this, Gu Mo carefully stole a glance at Lu Zhanbei.

He looked strangely calm. However, his black eyes were deep, as if they were filled with indescribable madness.

For a moment, Gu Mo felt that he saw the hell of a blood river from his eyes

"Everythings set."

"Then lets start."

Since that hiding rat was not willing to take the initiative to show up, he had to use some tricks to force him to appear!

The Lu family was a big shot in Xia country. It even had the title of the first giant in the upper circles in the Imperial Capital.

In the past, the powers of all roads practically saw the Lu family as their leader. However, recently, there was a group of people who felt that something ominous was going to happen to the Lu family.