Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Lu Zhanbei This Lunatic

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Firstly, the Lu Group had encountered numerous slips.

Projects were forced to stop half-way, stocks were acquired by a mysterious man, the management executives left one after another, stock prices plummeted

All of these signs indicated that there was a powerful force in the dark preparing to fight the Lu family.

What happened next confirmed this more clearly.

The reason that the Lu family could stand at the peak of the list of powers in Xia country was that it had great influences over all walks of life.

Lu Zhengyu paid great attention to cultivating talents that could help the Lu family. He sent his cousins and nephews into the political and military circles. They used his resources to climb higher up the ranks.

After many years of development, the power of the Lu family grew stronger and stronger.

However, this morning, the powers of all roads heard a shocking piece of news.

Some of the management executives from the Lu family were suspected of crimes. They were stripped of their titles and sent to the military courts for trial.

An anonymous citizen reported that Lu Zhengyu, the head of the Lu family, used personal relationships to bribe the senior officials. As they indulged him, not only did he get away from not paying taxes, he even used improper means to suppress other enterprises.

This piece of news was too exciting and directly traveled to the presidents ears.

The president paid a lot of attention to this matter. He sent a team to investigate the truth thoroughly and requested Lu Zhengyu to give an explanation.

However, Lu Zhengyu still didnt appear.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the negative news that happened to the Lu family on the newspapers expressionlessly.

Indeed, he operated everything single-handedly and landed the Lu family in such a state.

To Lu Zhengyu, Madam Yu was the most important. However, he similarly couldnt bear to give up the empire he had built for decades.

Now that the Lu family was in danger, Lu Zhanbei wanted to use such a method to tell him that if he continued to choose to be a coward, the Lu family will end up in nothingness!

At the same time, in a certain corner of a small and remote country

The beautiful European-style villa stood under the blue sky and seemed to be out of place with the surrounding desolate environment.

"Lu Zhanbei, this lunatic!"

Hearing the news from Xia country, Lu Zhengyu smashed his mobile. He flipped over the coffee table and sat down, his face green.

He never imagined that this unfilial son of his would be so ruthless!

He treated Lu Zhanbei as a successor. Everything from the Lu family would be handed over to him in the future.

His dealing with the Lu family now was equivalent to cutting off his own arm!

"Come here!"

Lu Zhengyu thought of the Lu familys current situation, and the fire in his heart burned more and more brightly.

He called the butler over and ordered, "Go to the basement and chop off that old mans hands. Then send them to Lin Wanwans"


Madam Yu, whose hair was disheveled, suddenly ran over. She grabbed Lu Zhengyus arm.

"Zhengyu, you cant do this to him. You obviously know that Old Master Lin is my"

"That was in the past, not now!"

Madam Yu knew that Lu Zhengyu rejected her past a lot. She dug her nails into her palms and relied on this pain to calm herself down.

"Zhengyu, take it that Im begging you. Let go and dont continue to do wrong. As long as youre willing to let Old Master Lin go and agree to the two children being together, I guarantee I wont leave you forever. Isnt it good if we live like this now forever?"

This sincere promise and the tears in Madam Yus eyes shook Lu Zhengyus determination for a moment.


He shook his head resolutely.

"I have already owed you for so many years. I cant continue to owe you anymore. I want you to be my legitimate wife and be envied and respected by all!"