Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Did You Think Im Considering Suicide?

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"Sir." Just then, Gu Mo entered the room.

"Any leads?"

Gu Mo shook his head quietly.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his brows. Hed been doing this a lot lately, so much so that there was a thin mark between his eyebrows.

If the near-collapse of the Lu family couldnt force him out, it meant that there was only Madam that mattered to him.

Madam Yu

A spark flashed in his mind as he quickly tore a piece of paper off and wrote down a phone number.

"Gu Mo, hand this to Jiushang and locate the numbers position."

Gu Mo was a little puzzled. "Whose number is this?"

"No time for questions. Move!"

"Got it!"

Gu Mo sensed hope from Lu Zhanbeis voice and acted immediately.

Lu Zhanbeis heavy heart lifted a little.

The number belonged to Madam Yu.

The old man didnt allow her to contact the outside world, but she begged Lu Zhanbei to get a phone and a SIM card and hid it well.

Given Madam Yus personality, she would have wished Lin Wanwans grandpa to be rescued, which meant she would have left the phone on.

Although he was confident in his deduction, he didnt take the information to Lin Wanwan in fear of later disappointment.

Every second of waiting was suffocating.

Finally, Gu Mo brought good news.

"Sir, weve located the phone and found the exact address."

Lu Zhanbeis brows unfolded as he ordered promptly, "Tell Jiushang to get prepared; we are leaving right now!"

"Yes, sir!"

After finding the location, Lu Zhanbei had the guts to face Lin Wanwan.

"Lin Wanwan!"

He pushed open the door and found Lin Wanwan staring blankly at a fruit knife. Her expression was calm yet scary.

"What are you doing?"

Lu Zhanbeis expression changed as he snatched the knife from her.

Lin Wanwan froze for a second before breaking into cold laughter.

"Did you think Im thinking of suicide? Old Master Lin was not only Lin Wanwans grandpa but also the only family member that cared for me in this life. Ill never die before avenging him."

Clearly, she had given up all hopes of finding the Old Master.

Lu Zhanbeis frustration disappeared like a popped balloon.

"Follow me."

"Where to?" In a dire situation like this, Lin Wanwan felt calmer than usual.

"To save your grandpa."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Was this what seeing light in the darkness felt like? She took a while to recover from the huge surprise.

"Did you find him? Are you sure?"

"I am."

Lin Wanwan, who had not been eating well for so long, almost dropped to the ground out of excitement.

Lu Zhanbei wrapped his arms around her waist and carried her out of the room.

The pair drove to the private airport, and soon, the plane rose into the horizon.

After some time, Lin Wanwan could finally calm herself down.

"Im glad"

Lu Zhanbei placed her on the bed and sighed. "You need to get some rest so I dont have to take care of you while saving your grandpa."

Lin Wanwan understood that her condition would drag him down, so she nodded in agreement.


Lu Zhanbei watched as she slowly shut her eyes.