Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Cupid's Arrow On The Wrong Men

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At the end of the corridor, Tang Chen walked out in a set of crystal-blue casual outfit. He just so happened to see Lin Wanwan chasing after Lu Zhanbei.

He smirked mysteriously, adjusting the ring on his left pinky. “Familiar faces”

No time to have a meal with him, but free to go on a date with Lu Zhanbei?

“Not acceptable.”

Tang Chen followed them quietly.

In the suite, Lin Wanwan sat on the sofa and studied the luxurious yet meticulous design. She then turned her attention to the delicacies on the table.

Each plate was detailed and looked more like artworks, obviously costing a fortune.

“Erm it’s expensive to have a meal here, right?” Don’t blame her for saying something lame like this; she didn’t have the confidence she could afford it.

Lu Zhanbei thought about it. “Not really, just around two hundred thousand.”

“” After a long silence, Lin Wanwan showed a pale smile. “Can I work here to pay it off?”

Lu Zhanbei grinned slyly. “I don’t think so.”

No!Lin Wanwan collapsed onto the chair, looking more distressed than ever.

She couldn’t believe that there would come a day when she couldn’t afford to treat someone to a meal.

After enjoying her worried expressions, Lu Zhanbei raised his chin. “Just appreciate the meal. It’s on me.”

“Oh! Yes!” Lin Wanwan revived and became all lively again.

Her chopsticks accurately went for the juicy braised abalone that she’d been checking out. Taking a bite, she was blown away by the explosion of flavors.

Things were this expensive for a reason. It was super delicious!

She asked while inhaling food into her mouth, “Lu Zhanbei, you can spend two hundred million as if it’s a fallen leaf. How rich are you? Can you be my sugar daddy?”


Before Lu Zhanbei could answer, the door was jerked open.

“Even if he gives you two hundred million every month, he’ll still be the richest in the country.”

Tang Chen walked into the room, and his deep voice echoed inside it. He glanced at Lu Zhanbei’s unbothered face, then his sight landed on Lin Wanwan, who was stunned beyond words.

“Girlfriend, you have the time to flirt with an outsider, but you do not have the time to have a meal with me?”

Girlfriend?Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes.

Lin Wanwan stared at him, wanting to bite his head off. “I won’t go easy on you if you try to make things up again!”

Tang Chen took a seat on the chair beside her. “Why? Want to kiss me again?”

OMG! I want to beat him up!

Tang Chen rested his chin on one hand and smiled at her. “I’m rich too. How about letting me be your sugar daddy?”

Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps up her scalp. “All I owe you is a meal, do you have to mock me like this?”

Tang Chen responded, “I’m serious about going after you.”

Before Lin Wanwan could speak, the door was kicked open again. “Yeah? You have to queue up then!”

Mo Chen had returned to the scene. “Tang Chen, countless people are going after my girlfriend, who do you think you are?”

“Mo Chen, your words still stinks as much as when we last met. I’ll spray you some deodorant later.”

Tang Chen snorted. The two of them weren’t close, but they still saw each other often since they were the rare ruling ones in the Imperial Capital.

Also, since Mo Chen was Lu Zhanbei’s number one henchman, they were always tit for tat.

“Did you just call her your girlfriend?” Mo Chen pointed at Lin Wanwan. “Nonsense! She is mine!”


Lin Wanwan felt like Cupid had been taking care of her lately, but its arrows didn’t hit a single normal target.