Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Nobody Could Do This But Him

Chapter 720: Nobody Could Do This But Him!
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Be it from the tiresome wait or the sudden hope, Lin Wanwan had been drained out completely.

Lu Zhanbei stared at her, his fingers evening the fold between her brows.

He checked the watch on his wrist; hopefully, they could make it.

It was fifteen hours from the deadline. Lu Zhengyu glanced at the ticking clock and asked for the butler.

"Any movement from Lu Zhanbei?"

"The Yun Mansions security was too tough to crack. However, an hour ago, we saw Mr. Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan leaving the mansion in a car. We tried to follow them but lost the lead."

Lu Zhengyus face sank. "This means that they have no intention of breaking up?"

The butler dared not reply.

"Damn it!" Lu Zhengyu smashed the teacup in his hand.

If Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei didnt care about the old maters life, he would have failed his plan completely. Not only did he not achieve his goal, but he also tore the last strand of tie he had with Lu Zhanbei.

He didnt think Lin Wanwan would be so heartless!

"Kill that old man Lin right now. He is no longer of any use to me."


Before the butler left, Lu Zhengyu gave another order. "Let him suffer before he dies, I want to send his body as a gift to those kids."

His murderous laughter sent shivers down the butlers spine.

Lu Zhengyu sat down and planned his exit after killing Old Master Lin.

Lu Zhanbei would find this place eventually, and he had to think of a way to control his furious son.

His thought was broken by one of his men shortly. "Sir, we are under attack!"

"What?" Lu Zhengyu was stunned, and suspects of the attacked popped up in his head. He still asked, "Who is it?"

"I dont know. There are lots of men surrounding us, and our front line has been broken. Sir, what should we do now?"

It had to be Lu Zhanbei; nobody could do this but him!

Lu Zhengyu had no time to figure out how Lu Zhanbei found his way there. "Pass down my order, everyone defends the houses borders and be prepared to escape."

"Yes, sir!"

Lu Zhengyu summoned another man. "Where is Madam Yu?"

"In the bedroom."


At that moment, a missile came exploding meters away from the house. The shockwave sent the entire building shaking.

Lu Zhengyu was scared that Madam Yu had been injured. He rushed upstairs and kicked open the door, but he found no one inside!

"Where is she?"

The servant who was looking over her was as confused as Lu Zhengyu.

"She had been in the room all this time. How did she disappear like that"

Lu Zhengyu had no time to listen to her explanation as he signaled everyone to go on the search.

Outside the house, it was a bloody battlefield.

The sandy yard was coated with crimson blood and screams, and gunfire echoed across the place.

Lu Zhanbei stood by the helicopters door and yelled commands into the walkie-talkie once in a while.

Such a frightening scene was a first for Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei scanned the surroundings and quickly determined the weak point.

"Jiushang, nine oclock, break their defense."