Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 721

Chapter 721 Mo Jiu Works For Lu Zhanbei

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"Oh," Mo Jiushang answered half-heartedly.

Lin Wanwan followed Lu Zhanbeis line of sight and saw a man leaping off the helicopter like a preying eagle.

It was as if he was hovering in the sky. His hair turned into a mess as he fell and made his way down with two delicate pistols in his hands.

Bang! Bang!

Every single shot of his took the life of an enemy; his aim was nothing short of perfection.

The defensive stance was broken apart, and once there was a single opening, a total collapse was eventual.

Lin Wanwan praised the mans impeccable aim and signaled Lu Zhanbei to pull the helicopter close to the building, next to the balcony on level two.

When Lu Zhanbei wasnt paying attention, she copied Mo Jiushang and hopped off with a roped tied on her waist.

"Lin Wanwan!"

"Lu Zhanbei, cover me!"

Lu Zhanbei cursed under his voice as he drew his gun. Fearing for Lin Wanwans safety, he shouted through the dialer to Mo Jiushang. "Dont engage yet! Cover her!"

Mo Jiushang unbuckled the safety belt and made a landing before running toward Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan leaped across and landed steadily on the safety bars.

Although Lu Zhengyu had lost the fight, she was confident that he had an escape route. There was a possibility that he would take her grandpas life before running away.

Lin Wanwans arrival attracted the attention of many. Given her obvious intention to breach the building, guns were turned toward her.

However, not a single man could pull the trigger. The long distance did not affect Lu Zhanbeis aim in any way.

Lin Wanwan left it to Lu Zhanbei to cover her back as she dashed forward.

When she pulled open the balcony door, she was confronted by a few guards.

Lin Wanwans expression changed as she prepared to fight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before the guards could even draw their guns, blood oozed out of there heads.

Hearing the footsteps from behind, Lin Wanwan turned on full alert and met the eyes of a laid-back man.

"Go, Im here."

Mo Jiushang was dressed in full white, looking clean and purified; he was like the very flake of snow on the top of Himalayas.

Lin Wanwan was astounded.

Despite running across the chaos, Mo Jiushang was not stained by a single drop of blood.

Whats more surprising was

Lin Wanwan knew him!

"Mo Jiu?"

Mo Jiushang finally glanced at her. A hint of curiosity arose in his eyes.

Lin Wanwan laughed awkwardly and didnt bother explaining her exclamation from before.

She could not have imagined that the Mo Jiu she knew was working for Lu Zhanbei!

Was the world that small?

The reason for his lack of reply wasnt rudeness or pride, but


This guy wouldnt sit if he could lie down and wouldnt stand if he could sit. Even his way of speech was minimized as much as he could.

"Thanks! Ill go now."

It wasnt the time to reminisce over the past. Lin Wanwan hopped into the room through the half-open window.

Mo Jiushang strolled behind her, finishing every enemy with ease.

The house was spacious, and Lin Wanwan couldnt locate her grandpa as she searched aimlessly.

When she spotted an entrance to the basement, she rushed in without hesitation.

Across the long stairs, she found that the basement was larger than she imagined. Corridors overlapped one another, and darkrooms were packed along them.

She held down the frustration and went on with the search. Just then, she felt a peeking glance from the dark!