Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Thank You Madam Yu

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"Whos there?"

Under the dim light, a woman in light-colored cheongsam revealed herself under her gunpoint.

Her head was lowered, but her peeking eyes exposed her uncompromising beauty.

"You are Madam Yu?"

Lin Wanwan was surprised to see her just as she thought about threatening her to get grandpas location.

Madam Yu had stepped past her in the meanwhile. "Follow me!"

Lin Wanwans eyes flickered as she hurriedly followed.

Madam Yu brought her through a few hallways and stopped before a door.

She called for her, avoiding eye contact. "Your grandpa is inside."

"Thank you." Lin Wanwan pushed the door open.

The door creaked, and a bullet came flying toward her!

Lin Wanwan instinctively tilted her head and threw out the handful of sand she collected earlier.

Lu Zhengyus butler was caught by surprise, and Lin Wanwan sneaked a punch on his chest.

As the right-hand man of Lu Zhengyu, he definitely wasnt a weak enemy.

Lin Wanwan had no choice but to focus on the fight against him.

At this crucial moment, Mo Jiushang, who swept his opponents, caught up with Lin Wanwan. His lips moved, and there was only one word. "Move."

Lin Wanwan mocked the man for his laziness in her mind but moved right away.

Mo Jiushang took her position and received the butlers incoming punch without much care.

The very next second, the scorn on the butlers face turned into pain, and his right arm fell as if his bones had been crushed.

With a few snaps, Mo Jiushang dislocated the rest of his limbs, not forgetting to comfort him.

"The pain will fade."

Meanwhile, Lin Wanwan had found the Old Master at the corner of the room.

One look and tears fell down her cheeks.

The old man was curled up by the wall and was unconscious.

His clothes were torn into pieces from caning, and the wounds were severely infected. His nails were pulled out, and his flesh was festering.


Lin Wanwan walked up, sobbing. There was nowhere on the old man to put her hands on.

Madam rushed over; her pale face had self-blame written all over. "Wan you dont have the time to cry. Bring him away before Lu Zhengyu gets here!"

Lin Wanwan wiped the tears off her face as she carried Old Master Lin carefully on her shoulders.

"Thank you, Madam Yu."

Lin Wanwan loathed Lu Zhengyu more than anything.

But thats quite another matter. She was thankful for the help that Madam Yu had provided.

Madam Yu shook her head, and her eyes were fixed on Lin Wanwans face. "Girl, leave now."

Lin Wanwan hurried out of the darkroom.

Mo Jiushang glanced at the butler, who was limping on the floor, and gave up the idea of dragging him back.

It was too much work.

Under Mo Jiushangs cover, Lin Wanwan carried the Old Master back to the balcony.

Madam Yu, who watched Old Master Lin being put on the stretcher and pulled to the helicopter, let out a sigh of relief.

She was glad that Lu Zhanbei showed up in time. If the Old Master died in the hands of Lu Zhengyu, things would have gotten complicated.

As she watched Lin Wanwan disappear from her sight, the cordiality in her eyes faded, and she took her leave.

The moment she entered the living room, Lu Zhengyu took her into his arms. His brute strength sent her body waves of pain.