Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Dont Touch Me

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Lu Zhengyus excitement faded. He squeezed out a stiff smile as he held down his frustration.

"Dont be afraid of Lu Zhanbei. I will protect you! Dont forget about our grand wedding."

Yu Yun avoided his eyes, and her soft sigh carried uncompromising resolution.

"I dont want to marry you. I just want to be free. Its been so many years, just let me go."

She begged for his life not because she loved him but to repay her sins.

"Let you go? Keep dreaming! Yu Yun, Ill keep you by my side even if you were dead! Dont ever dream of getting away!"

Lu Zhengyu raised his voice, his hands locked onto her shoulders like a beast with no sanity.

Yu Yun didnt resist his grasp as a drop of tear glided down her cheek.

She was tired of such a lifeless life.

Knowing that Lu Zhengyu had been hurting others just to stay with her, she felt suffocated!

After Old Master Lin was rescued, Lin Wanwan pushed him into the emergency room.

There wasnt much equipment on the plane, but the germ-free room could minimize his infection and keep him breathing.

After a lengthy flight, they finally landed near the military hospital.

The health-care personnel who were already on stand-by quickly got the Old Master onto the ambulance.

As they arrived at the military hospital, a doctor yelled as he saw the heart rate falling rapidly, "Hurry up! The patients heart is stopping!"

Lin Wanwan went pale as her heart skipped a beat.

Tick Tick

There was silence in the hallway other than the ticking clock on the wall.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door was pulled open.

"Doc, how is he!?"

The doctor pulled down his mask, and his expression was rather gloomy. "Not too good, his lungs and windpipe are heavily infected, and there was a severe loss of blood. There is barely any skin left on him. I cant promise anything. Please be mentally prepared for the worst."

Lin Wanwan felt her world go dark as she collapsed on the ground.

Lu Zhanbei caught her as he spoke to the doctor. "Mr. Yu, please."

The doctor was not only the vice director of the military hospital but also the best surgeon in the country.

"Eh Ill do my best."

"Thank you."

Lu Zhanbei carried Lin Wanwan to the bench but was pushed away roughly.

"Dont touch me!"

Lin Wanwan held onto her trembling body, and her eyes had never been so cold. "Lu Zhanbei, I dont want to see you, leave me alone!"

Seeing him reminded her of Lu Zhengyu and the pain that her grandpa had to go through.

Lu Zhanbei could read the agony in her eyes.

" Im sorry."

Lin Wanwan held down the pain in her heart and curled up on the bench.

"Why why must your father do such things to an innocent old man? Why doesnt he take it out on me? Its all my fault; I underestimated his guts. Im the selfish one, why is my grandpa suffering for mistakes that I made!"

She gave herself a tight slap. "Pa!"

Lu Zhanbei panicked as he grabbed her hands. "Calm down."

"Dont! Touch! Me!"

Lin Wanwan shook his hand off and screamed word by word.