Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Dont Cry It Hurts My Heart

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The grief and anger made her speak her mind without much thought. "Lu Zhanbei, your father, he deserves death, but I deserve it more. If I had known that Lu Zhengyu was someone who picks on the weak, I wouldnt have"

"Shut up!"

Lu Zhanbei stopped her from continuing.

"Do you know what you are saying?"

Lin Wanwan knew she was looking at it in a twisted and childish way, but she couldnt help it.

For love, she would sacrifice her life for a brighter future.

However, she would never want to inflict any pain on her family and friends for her selfish needs.

She felt ashamed and sorry, but most of all, she wished she could be the one lying in the emergency room.

She sat on the bench, staring at the ceiling mindlessly. "Lu Zhanbei, leave me alone."

He found fault in Lu Zhanbei, but she knew it wasnt fair to him.

Lu Zhanbei watched over the lifeless girl and loosened his tight fist.


Thanks to him, Lin Wanwan went through danger and hardship.

She never blamed him for anything and even tried to comfort him and reassure him that she was okay.

In the week that her grandpa had been missing, she held down every negative emotion and waited patiently.

At last, when she witnessed the torture that he went through and the possibility of his death, she couldnt take it anymore.

She was on the verge of insanity.

"Ill be downstairs. Ill come when you want to see me."

Lin Wanwan was still staring at the ceiling as if she didnt hear a thing.

Lu Zhanbei left, and there was only silence left in the hallway.


The tears in her eyes finally fell across her cheeks. A teardrop was caught by a slender hand.

"Dont cry, it hurts my heart."

Tang Chen sat beside her. The sobbing of the pale girl was piercing his heart.

"Trust me, your grandpa will be fine."

Lin Wanwan finally turned to him, and her eyes were asking him how he could be so sure.

"Sixth sense."

"" Lin Wanwan wiped her tears and said nothing.

It was rare that Lin Wanwan showed any weakness. Tang Chen couldnt help but try to give her a hug, but she avoided it.

He shrugged his shoulder, hiding his emotions. "Lin Wanwan, Ive always told you that the Lu family is a complicated place. As long as Lu Zhengyu survives, there will be no end to this. Do you really think Lu Zhanbei is cruel enough to kill his own father?"

Lin Wanwans voice sank. "If he isnt, Ill do it instead!"

If her grandpa couldnt survive, she would take the murderers life no matter what!

"Strong girl, thats why I like you so much." Tang Chen raised his brows. "Are you sure Lu Zhanbei would allow you to kill his father? What if it would result in a scar in your relationship?"

Since the occurrence of the incident, Lin Wanwan had come to hate making choices.

"Tang Chen, dont try to sow discord between us. If grandpa cant make it out alive, I will avenge him. A life for a life seems fair to me!"

Tang Chen glanced at the emergency room.

Sounds like a feasible plan.


If her grandpa did die, although it can create a scar in her relationship, she would be in immense pain.

Tang Chen looked at her pale face and sighed.

Forget it.