Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Was She Sorry?

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"Tang Chen, you can leave me alone. Im fine. I dont need your comfort."

Tang Chen wouldnt let the opportunity to spend time with her go so easily.

He leaned back on the bench. "Do you want to know why Lu Zhengyu would risk it all to break you and Lu Zhanbei apart?"

This question had been bothering her for a long time.


Tang Chen smirked shamelessly. "Ill tell you if you kiss me."

Lin Wanwan looked away without much emotion on her face.

"Haiz, how about a hug?"

Lin Wanwan remained silent.

In the end, Tang Chen raised his hand in defeat. "Fine, keep on taking advantage of me just because I like you. Is holding my hand a good enough deal?"


Tsk, this woman had planned it all along.

Tang Chen whipped out a cigarette and put it between his lips. Sensing Lin Wanwans subconscious frown, he decided not to light it.

"Its because your relationship with Lu Zhanbei stopped him from acquiring his love."

Lin Wanwan was confused. "I dont get it."

The next second, Tang Chen dropped the bomb. "Its because Madam Yu is your mother."

"" Lin Wanwans eyes widened in disbelief, and she was doubtful if Tang Chen was playing around.

Tang Chen seemed to be clueless about the impact of his words. He just found her expression rather adorable.

When she was lost in thoughts, Tang Chen raised his hand and pinched her on the cheeks.

"Dont fool around." Lin Wanwan said while avoiding his hand. "How could that be?"

Tang Chen chuckled with his hands behind his head.

"Whats wrong with that? Im sure you know how much Lu Zhengyu cares about your mom and how determined he is about giving her the title of his wife. Once they are married, you and Lu Zhanbei will be siblings, and incest in the upper circles is the biggest disgrace. Lu Zhengyu and your mom, Lu Zhanbei and you, there is only one pair who can be granted happiness, and love is selfish, isnt it?"

Lin Wanwans lips moved, but she had nothing to say.

If Tang Chen was right, then it all made sense.

No wonder Madam Yu would help her

Was she sorry for what had happened?

Tang Chen rested his arm on her shoulder, and his voice was charming like a succubus. "There is a dead knot among the four of you, and it only ends when one of you quits this mess. Lu Zhengyu and Lu Zhanbei would never give up, and your mother doesnt have the ability to leave. The only one that could end it all is you."

Lin Wanwan, who had been in distress, felt her heart sink.

Knowing the truth didnt give her any relief but added weight onto her shoulders.

There was really no other way out.

"Tang Chen, you are right."

Before Tang Chen could smile, she continued, "Love is truly selfish."

"So you are not planning to quit?"

"I will not sacrifice others for my sake; neither will I sacrifice myself for others. Im not that noble of a woman. Unless the love between us fades out, Ill never give it up!"

Although she blamed Lu Zhanbei earlier for Lu Zhengyus actions, she had never thought of ending the relationship.

Tang Chen squinted his eyes. "If thats the case, unless you kill Lu Zhengyu, you can never live with Lu Zhanbei in peace."

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and let her mind go empty.

"Well leave this for later. Right now, I just want my grandpa to be safe.