Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Tang Chens Love

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Tang Chen didnt continue the conversation. Looking at the shut door, he was deep in thoughts.

After a while, he got up on his feet. "Im leaving."


Tang Chen wasnt facing her, and his expression couldnt be seen.

"Lin Wanwan, everyone has their limit. How long do you think you can last under such pressure again and again? I want to give you a life of peace and joy, but you chose the thorny path. Do you care about Lu Zhanbei that much?"

Lin Wanwan could sense his bitterness and slight confusion.

"Yes," she answered, certain. "I will never change my mind once I have made my decision."

Tang Chen closed his eyes, covering his emotions. "What a coincidence. Me, too."


Lin Wanwan wanted to say something, but Tang Chen didnt give her the chance. He turned around and quickly kissed her on the back of her hand.

"Trust me, your grandpa will be fine."

He took his exit.

Lin Wanwan watched as his figure disappeared from her sight. Shaking off her thought, she put her hands together and prayed.

Grandpa, please make it out alive

From afar, Tang Chen walked toward Lu Zhanbei, who was sitting by an evergreen. He took a seat beside him and mocked without holding back, "If you are really sorry, maybe you should take your own life."

Lu Zhanbei didnt reply.

Tang Chen snorted as he lit the cigarette. "Want one?"

Lu Zhanbei took it quietly.

The pair remained silent for a while before Tang Chen spoke. "Ive told Lin Wanwan about her mom."

Lu Zhanbei was expecting it. "There is nowhere to hide anyways."

The reason he didnt tell her was the worry of Lin Wanwan leaving him.

Tang Chen knew what he was thinking.

"I thought Lin Wanwan would at least be swayed even if she chooses to stay with you. However, her heart was so determined that its making me jealous. Lu Zhanbei, you are such a great keeper. Guess Ill have to finder a better striker to score the goal."

Lu Zhanbei was in no mood for a quarrel.

Tang Chen glanced at him, and a tear-marked face appeared in his mind. He pouted self-mockingly as she threw a golden box at Lu Zhanbei.

"This is for you."

Lu Zhanbei opened it and found a dozen syringes full of transparent liquid.

"Whats this?"

"Something that can keep Lin Wanwans grandpa alive."

Lu Zhanbeis pupil contracted as he watched Tang Chen take a deep whiff of his cigarette.

"Its a drug that can boost ones potential to self-heal. We got it done last month, and weve done the tests. Give it to Lin Wanwan."

Lu Zhanbei felt the weight in his hands.

He opened his mouth, but thousands of words in his mind turned into a simple mockery. "How weird that you are giving the chance of winning her heart to me!"

Tang Chens smacked himself on the forehead. "Right! I should hand this to her myself. Maybe she would promise me her life in appreciation. Thanks for reminding me!"

He tried to snatch the box from Lu Zhanbei.

The latter raised his hand. "Too late."

Tang Chen shot him a glare of hatred as he stood up. "Ill get going."

A few steps later, Lu Zhanbeis voice came from behind.

"Tang Chen, Ill remember this favor."