Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Who Do You Choose?

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“Lin Wanwan, how dare you date three people at once.”

Clicking his tongue, Tang Chen changed his tone.

“You deserve to be called the woman I fancy. I love a good challenge. Now say, among us three, who do you choose?”

Mo Chen scoffed. “Of course it will be me!”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

She’d choose to die if she could.

Lin Wanwan glanced at Tang Chen, whose eyes flickered with a hint of playfulness. She then looked at Mo Chen, who had masculine features but a face full of desires.

Lastly, she looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was eating peacefully without getting involved.

It was clear who to choose!


She flew right into Lu Zhanbei’s arms.

“Someone’s trying to steal your girl, but you are not even reacting to it. What kind of boyfriend are you?”

She sat on Lu Zhanbei’s lap, arms wrapping around his neck.

“Come on, help me put on an act,” Lin Wanwan whispered into his ear.

Lu Zhanbei didn’t reject her. Looking as calm as usual, he said, “Last”

The last favor? Hell no!

Wanting to stop him from finishing his words, Lin Wanwan pressed her lips against his without much thinking.

It’s not the first time anyways just think of it as a kissing scene!

Feeling the warmth on his lips, Lu Zhanbei was a little startled. He realized that Lin Wanwan misunderstood the single word he’d said.

Feeling resolute, she pushed her tongue past Lu Zhanbei’s lips.


Tang Chen grabbed his phone and quickly snapped a few pictures. The shutters woke up Mo Chen, who was stunned, and it also pulled Lin Wanwan back to reality.

She let go of Lu Zhanbei and glared at Tang Chen. “Delete the photos!”

Tang Chen stood up and looked at Lu Zhanbei. “I’ve seen enough today. The photos will stay with me. If you don’t have a meal with me within a month, I’ll sell them to the paparazzi. Lu Zhanbei’s kissing pictures would definitely be worth a lot of money.”

After saying these words, he waved them goodbye and left without looking back.

“Tang Chen, stop right there!”

Lin Wanwan chased, but Tang Chen had already disappeared from the hallway.

“Damn it!”

Mo Chen glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was grinding her teeth in anger. He then whispered to Lu Zhanbei, “Zhanbei, are you indeed dating this girl? If you are into her, I’ll give up on her. Wait, that’s not the point here. The point is, you ooo”

Looking at the drumstick he just stuck into Mo Chen’s mouth, Lu Zhanbei said, “Even food can’t keep your mouth shut?”

Mo Chen blinked his teary eyes.

“Erm, Lu Zhanbei”

At that moment, Lin Wanwan shuffled toward him. Just one look from Lu Zhanbei made her blood run cold.

“Follow me,” Lu Zhanbei dropped the napkin and walked straight out of the room.

Lin Wanwan followed carefully like a student who’d just misbehaved.

The vast room was left with only Mo Chen, working on the drumstick. After he was done, he scratched his hair in frustration.

“It wasn’t easy to find love-at-first-sight, but it had to be his”

No matter how powerful he was, he wouldn’t dare to fight for a girl with Lu Zhanbei.

Also, he had seen how lonely Zhanbei had been in recent years. Now that he had found a girlfriend, Mo Chen wouldn’t do immoral acts such as trying to steal his girl.

But in Lu Zhanbei’s situation never mind, he should know what he’s doing.

The separator in the car was put up, cutting off Gu Mo’s view. Although he was curious as to what had happened, he could only shake his head in disappointment.

Looking at the girl who was on pins and needles, Lu Zhanbei appeared exceptionally cold. Without saying a word, Lin Wanwan felt the intense pressure build up in the air.