Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Heartless Woman

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The pair went to the lounge beside the ICU, and Lin Wanwan watched Lu Zhanbei finish his food.

"Mr. Lu"

She dragged her words as she prepared to fire away. However, Lu Zhanbei was always one step ahead. "Madam Yu is actually your mother. Sorry for telling you so late."


Lin Wanwan glared at him. It felt like she punched the pillow.

He apologized and told her the truth before she could even ask a thing. There was no way left to scold him for it.

This man was way too sly!

"Why didnt you tell me earlier?"

Lu Zhanbei sighed against her fierce questioning. "Im afraid that it would put you in a tough spot."

"You thought that I would have a hard time deciding between you and her?"

"Thats right."

Lin Wanwan came to the realization that Lu Zhanbei was over-thinking a lot.

The more one cares, the more one fears losing out.

"There is no decision to make because she doesnt compare to you. Let me ask you, when did she and Lu Zhengyu get together?"

"When you were five."

Lin Wanwan froze for a moment, seemingly lost in thoughts. "Which means she didnt go missing but got together with your father?"

"Thats right."

Lin Wanwan mocked. "I guess she deserved to be sorry."

Leaving her young daughter for another man, not visiting for a whole decade.

What a heartless woman.

Lu Zhanbei wasnt a fan of her furious expression. "She loved her daughter."

Lin Wanwan laughed out of anger. "Dont treat me like an innocent child."

At this point, Lu Zhanbei decided to tell her everything he knew.

"You were always curious about why I helped you when Tao Xinyue sent you to Tang Chen. The answer is that your mother asked for my help."

Lin Wanwans expression changed a little.

"Madam Yu helped me out when I was starting my business, and thats why I decided to return the favor when she asked me to take care of you. I found it burdensome in the past, but come to think of it, I should thank her for sending my future wife to my side."

Lin Wanwan felt her emotions changing. It was a complicated feeling.

"Also, the dress you received on your eighteenth birthday was made by her."

Lin Wanwan felt that the knot in her heart had been untied, but it was still a confusing matter.

"But why?"

Lu Zhanbei understood her despite her senseless question.

"She didnt mean to abandon you. I dont know the details, and I didnt bother to check on it. All I know is that the old man liked your mom and kept her hostage."

It was a twisted and wicked way of forcing his love.

Lin Wanwan tightened her fist as she continued, "Does she like your dad?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head.

"No matter how sincere he was, your mother had no feelings for him. When your mother just got there, she tried to escape several times but was always caught. Maybe it was his desire to conquer, the old man paid even more attention to her and denied her of any possibility of escape."

Lin Wanwans laugh was bitter. "I can finally see why your father hated me so much."

Her presence constantly reminded Lu Zhengyu that the woman he loved had tangoed with another man, and she was the fruit of that past.

Lu Zhanbei patted Lin Wanwans stiff shoulder. He knew that she had to get through this herself.