Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Twisted And Unfortunate Love Life

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Lin Wanwan huddled in his arms as she recalled her two meetings with Madam Yu.

"How unfortunate"

She should have spent more time with her and talked to her more.

If the real Lin Wanwan had known this, she would have died with no regrets.

Lin Wanwan sighed as she gave her ideas. "Lu Zhanbei, since my mom doesnt like your father, wouldnt everything be solved if we helped her escape?"

Lu Zhanbei shook his head and replied, "You are underestimating him. The old man is more wicked than you think, he will not give her up unless hes dead."

Lin Wanwan remained silent before she mocked, "Its such a misery being loved by your father."

Lu Zhanbei was about to agree but recalled people saying that he was just as stubborn as Lu Zhengyu. "If Madam Yu loved him as well, it wouldnt have been a misery."

Lin Wanwan remembered what her grandpa said before.

"Dont blame her. She is a good mother, and there must have been reasons for her departure."

The life of Lin Wanwans mother wasnt a comfortable journey. Her parents had passed away when she was young, and shed had to fight to make ends meet. Just as she was about to work her way out, Lin Qinghao had made her his mistress.

Shed taken on all the shame for the sake of her daughter but was soon imprisoned by Lu Zhengyu.

Even the thought of such a suffocating life gave Lin Wanwan goosebumps.

"Lets leave it to another time."

The most important thing right now is to take care of Granda until hes recovered.

Lu Zhanbei pointed at the bed. "Sleep here, Ill be with you."


Lin Wanwan lay down and closed her eyes.

Its been a while since shed had proper rest, and her body was at the brink of collapse.

Lu Zhanbei got lost in thoughts listening to Lin Wanwans paced breathing.

He will allow no more disruption.

Lin Wanwan stayed by the ICU for four days, and Old Master Lin finally gained consciousness.

"Grandpa, youre finally awake!"


The Old Master choked on his first word. Lin Wanwan quickly brought him a glass of water and fed him carefully.

The Old Master had to drink half a glass before he could articulate himself.

"Cant believe that Im still alive."

Lin Wanwans tears hovered over her eyes. She put her face against her grandpas hand, and her tears struggled not to fall as she looked at his bandaged fingers.

"Im sorry, Grandpa, it was my fault."

Old Master Lin smiled gently. "Dont apologize, my child. You are not the one who hurt me."

Lin Wanwan felt that the Old Master had the right to know the truth, so she told him the entirety of the story.

He didnt look too shocked but expressed his grief. "The gods laid no fortune upon her love for her to meet such men."

Lin Wanwan laid him down. "Youve just regained your consciousness, get some rest."

The Old Master had no strength to resist and went back to sleep.

After sitting guard by the bed for almost a day, she called Lu Zhanbei to replace her.

The incident had set her on alert, and she was constantly afraid of something similar happening.

Even if Gu Mo were in close proximity, she wouldnt let her guards down.

Lu Zhanbei knew how she felt and came in to guard Old Master Lin despite his busy schedule.

Lin Wanwan went back to the Yun Mansion and made food suitable for the faint-bodied. When she arrived back at the hospital, the Old Master had just woken up.

She fed the meal to her grandpa before having a chat with him.

Just as things were going great, the door was pushed open.