Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Mother Meets Daughter 1

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Lu Zhanbei walked in casually. His brutal and business-like aura was swept clean, and all thats left was a heartwarming friendliness.

"Hi, Grandpa, nice to see you. Im Lu Zhanbei, your granddaughters future husband."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

They were far from getting married, but he was already calling the Old Master "Grandpa." How shameless!

What is a cunning man like him doing, acting like an innocent boy!

The Old Master smiled in satisfaction. His years of life experience had given him a unique tranquillity that soothes his emotions.

"Mr. Lu, Wanwan has been through a lot. I hope you can bring her happiness."

Lu Zhanbei nodded in all seriousness. "Please call me by my name. Its my pleasure to have Wanwan as my girlfriend, and I will do my best to give her a life that she wants."


Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps crawling up her skin.

"Give her a life that she wants," so he said, she just prayed that he wouldnt take advantage of her all the time.

Although Lin Wanwan snorted at his words, Old Master Lin found them pretty trustworthy, as was evident from his starry eyes.

Just then, the phone in her pocket vibrated, and Lin Wanwan peeked at the number.

It was Si Han.

"Ill take this call outside. You guys can have a chat."

Si Han had nothing important to say. He just asked about her recent activities and ended the call after learning that everything was fine.

Lin Wanwan was heading back to the room when she turned around instinctively after sensing something. However, there was nothing odd to be found.

"Am I mistaken?" she mumbled to herself as she stepped into the room.

The moment she closed the door, a thin figure appeared at the corner of the door.

Time passed, and the Old Master could soon already move about. Lin Wanwan would help him to the yard occasionally to have a walk.

One day, she prepared to return to the Yun Mansion after accompanying the Old Master.

On a pebbled path, she made a sudden pause. "How long are you planning to follow me? Come out now."

A woman in acheongsamstepped out from the shadow of a phoenix tree with her head down. It was like she didnt dare look at her.

Lin Wanwan asked calmly, "Are you free now?"


"Lets have a talk."


The pair went to a dessert store near the hospital.

Lin Wanwan asked for a private lounge, then turned to the other woman as if she was talking to a familiar friend. "What do you want to eat?"

"Same as you."

Lin Wanwan could tell that Yu Yun was slightly uncomfortable. She pulled out the chairs and ordered two slices of cake and a bottle of fruit tea.

"Have a seat."

Yu Yun sat down slowly while facing her, and her hands fidgeted restlessly on her laps.

There was a long silence

Lin Wanwan spoke first. "In my memory, Madam isnt someone who is so afraid to talk. If you did nothing wrong, why are you acting as if you did?"

Yu Yun shook her head. "No, I am at fault. Wanwan, I am actually"

"You are my mother."

Yu Yun froze for second before raising her head. "Did Lu Zhanbei tell you everything?"

Lin Wanwan studied her carefully.

Although Yu Yun was already over forty, she didnt look old at all. Her thin figure and sharp chin paired with a light-coloredcheongsamproved her ever-lasting beauty.


Yu Yun watched her emotionless expression. A hint of pain rose in her heart. "Do you blame me for all these years?"