Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Mother Meets Daughter 3

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"Ok." Yu Yun responded.

After two seconds, she recovered herself. She looked up, and her agitated voice was trembling.

"Wanwan, you called me, right?"

Lin Wanwan tilted her head awkwardly and avoided her passionate gaze.

" Mother."


Yu Yun lost control and stood up. She walked over and held her in her arms. Tears of joy slid over her cheeks and gradually flowed into Lin Wanwans neck.

That passion was so hot that Lin Wanwan felt stiff all over. After a while, she stretched out her hand and patted her back.

Not knowing how much time had passed, Yu Yun finally calmed down. However, her gentle gaze was still revolving around Lin Wanwan.

Back when she was still Lin Xiao, she never had the experience of interacting with her parents. Now, she felt uncomfortable all over.

However, such a feeling of being loved felt really great.

"Cough." She signaled Yu Yun to restrain her feelings.

Yu Yun realized her daughter was being shy. She curved her eyebrows and smiled.

Her baby was so cute when she blushed. It was exactly the same as when she was young.

"Mother, you have been quietly following me for a few days. Lu Zhengyu actually didnt stop you?"

When she heard this, Yu Yuns eyes sank. "Hes locked up by Zhanbei."

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly.Serves him right!

Yu Yun carefully looked at her. "Wanwan, can I trouble you with something?"

"Tell me."

Yu Yun hesitated for a while before pleading, "Can you persuade Zhanbei to let his father off? I know he has committed a lot of mistakes. However, he did it because of me. I should be the one to take responsibility for them. They are father and son, they shouldnt be killing each other."

The smile in Lin Wanwans eyes faded immediately. "Do you know what you are saying? Lu Zhengyu obviously brought this upon himself! Grandpa was as good as your father-in-law once. In my memory, he treated you well. This time, he nearly died in Lu Zhengyus hands. You actually want to plead for this murderer who harmed him?"

Yu Yun knew herself that she was going overboard with this request.


"I just feel that the culprit is me. The person to receive punishment should be me as well."

"Stop talking."

Lin Wanwan pressed her temples and suppressed the irritation in her heart.

"Since Grandpa survived, I wouldnt make Lu Zhengyu return the favor tit-for-tat. However, he has to pay the price for what he has done! Also, if hes still bent on causing trouble, I will never let him off!"


"Mother, I still have to return to the hospital to take care of Grandpa. Ill get going first."

Lin Wanwan picked up the handbag on the table, turned around, and left.

She admitted that she liked Yu Yun a lot. Thus, she didnt want to start a fight.

"Wanwan!" Yu Yun grabbed her arm hard.

Lin Wanwan didnt dare to move, for fear of hurting her. She could only listen to her say in a firm voice, "If I can make Lu Zhengyu stop hurting everyone and get him to agree to you being with Zhanbei, will the two of you be willing to let him off?"

Lin Wanwan looked into her pleading eyes. Eventually, her heart softened.

"Ill consider it. However, Lu Zhengyu would never stop his destructive ways."

That was because he wouldnt let Yu Yun go even until his death.

Yu Yun smiled and patted her hand lightly. "Dont worry. Leave this to me. Zhanbeis outstanding. Im relieved to hand you over to him. Mother wishes you happiness forever and to live to old age in conjugal bliss."

When she heard this, a trace of strangeness flashed past Lin Wanwans heart.

Why did this sentence give off the feeling that she was saying her last words?

It looked like she was thinking too much again.

"Mother, you will live happily in the coming days too!"