Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Adam Yu Hung Herself

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Yu Yun smiled in relief and urged, "Go back soon. Dont let your grandpa wait for long."

"Ok, Im leaving."

After walking for a few steps, Lin Wanwan heard Yu Yun calling her. She turned her head in puzzlement.

Yu Yun walked over and helped to tuck in a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes were filled with intoxicating gentleness.

"Wanwan, remember. Youre Mothers one and only. As long as you live happily, I dont need anything. I just feel sorry"

She didnt finish her words.

Lin Wanwan felt helpless. "Mother, stop blaming yourself."

Yu Yun tapped her nose tip, as if Lin Wanwan was a child. She smiled with a hint of pampering. "Go back quickly."

Lin Wanwan waved her hands and didnt forget to look back at her halfway. There was a trace of satisfaction in her smile.

She finally had a mother as well.

And a good mother who doted on her and loved her a lot

Yu Yun looked at her back view as it disappeared. The smile on her lips never changed. However, there was a trace of desolation in her eyes.

"I just feel sorry that not only have I missed out on your growing days, I will also be missing out on your future."

Due to Old Master Lins persistent request, Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan, who had been guarding at the hospital for a few days, returned to Yun Mansion. They planned to rest for a while before heading over again.

As they sat down, Lu Zhanbeis mobile rang.

He swiped his finger on the screen and said in ridicule, "Jiushang, you would actually take the initiative to call me. Have I seen a ghost?"

Lin Wanwan blinked and found it strange as well. She leaned on Lu Zhanbeis shoulder and listened to their conversation.

"Yes, Im here to receive my punishment."


"Your father escaped."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes turned cold at these words. Lin Wanwan immediately stood up and rushed outside.

"Oh no, Lu Zhengyu might still lay a hand on Grandpa. Ill head over to the hospital first!"

"Lets go together."

As Lu Zhanbei followed her footsteps, he heard Mo Jiushang speaking on the phone from the other end.

"I locked your father in a small dark house, then took a nap. When I woke up, I realized he had already knocked out the bodyguard and then escaped." Mo Jiushang paused, as if he was tired. After resting for a while, he continued, "Actually, I already knew it when he escaped. However, I was too sleepy."

So he didnt stop him.

Lu Zhanbeis lips twitched. "I understand. This is a small issue. Theres no need to blame yourself for it."

The Lu familys powers were all under his supervision. He had also protected Old Master Lin well.

Even if Lu Zhengyu ran away, it wouldnt be any trouble at all.

Although Mo Jiushang was lazy, he was always reliable. He understood this point as well, which was why he indulged in his own laziness.

"Im too lazy to blame myself."

" Go and sleep." Lu Zhanbei hung up the call calmly.

Both of them bumped into Gu Mo at Yun Mansions main gate.

Once she saw him, Lin Wanwan became anxious.

If even Gu Mo wasnt guarding at the hospital, the probability of something happening to Grandpa was even higher.

However, the words Gu Mo said in the next second immediately dismissed her worries.

"Sir, theres good news and bad news. The good news is that we found Old Master. The bad news is"

He looked at Lin Wanwan and held back his words.

Lin Wanwan had an ominous feeling in her heart. "What is it?"

"Madam Yu hung herself!"

Lin Wanwans breathing stopped.

Thankfully, Gu Mo explained quickly, "Our men tracked Old Master all the way to the Lu familys main residence. Theyd discovered that Madam Yu hung herself. Thankfully, Old Master rushed back in time and she was still breathing. Shes already been sent to the military hospital for rescue."