Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Stop Speaking Alright?

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Lin Wanwan wanted to stay as well. However, she didnt want to be under the same roof as Lu Zhengyu.

She was still in a dilemma when she saw Lu Zhanbei planning to contact Gu Mo. She casually asked, "Why are you looking for Gu Mo?"

"For him to capture the old man back."

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhengyu, who was looking at the door and about to turn into a stone. After hesitating for a while, she shook her head.

"Forget it. Lets wait a while longer. Its not too late to bring him away after he speaks to my mother, at the very least."

She wouldnt forget the harm Lu Zhengyu had caused Old Master Lin. However, she was not inhumane.

"Ill listen to you."

Although Yu Yun nearly died, she wasnt injured. Her suffocation led her to be in a coma. Within half a day, she regained consciousness.

After obtaining the doctors permission, Lu Zhengyu pushed open the door of the ward.

Yu Yun stared at the ceiling in a daze. There was a deep purple bruise on her snow-white skin.

"Ah Yun!"

Lu Zhengyu dashed toward the bed and grabbed her cold hands. His eyes revealed happiness over recovering what he had previously lost. He even looked gentle while putting blame on her.

"Do you know you nearly scared me to death this time around? Dont be so stubborn next time. If not, Ill punish you."

Yu Yuns gaze landed on Lin Wanwan, who was standing by the door. Seeing that her eyes were red and swollen and that she obviously cried, she could not help but feel heartache.

Lu Zhengyu blocked her gaze unhappily. "Look at me!"

Lin Wanwan pouted. What type of favoritism was he trying to compete for?

Yu Yun looked straight at Lu Zhengyu.

His current appearance really did not look good. He looked haggard, and stubble even grew on his chin. There were thick shadows across his eyes as well.

It was impossible for Yu Yun not to feel touched at all. However, she hardened her heart and opened her mouth weakly to say, "Zhengyu, we have been together for almost fourteen years. Every day, I have been thinking of how to get rid of you. Im thankful for you treating me so well. However I dont love you. I only feel tormented living with you. Please, let me go."

Every sentence and every word was said so indifferently and firmly. However, they were like a giant hammer that smashed all the beautiful thoughts Lu Zhengyu had in his heart.

He was in disbelief at first. Then, his look became ferocious and his eyes turned scarlet red.

The previous second, he was still thinking that once she recovered, they would get married immediately. He would prepare a grand wedding

Lin Wanwan inadvertently swept her eyes across him. Even the bottom of her feet could feel that cold air was rising.

In the end, Lu Zhengyu suppressed the flame of anger in his heart. He even squeezed out a slight smile and helped her arrange her blanket.

"Stop saying silly words. You have just gotten out of danger and need sufficient rest."


"Enough!" Lu Zhengyu shouted fiercely. Very quickly, his face softened. "Sorry, I didnt mean to shout at you. Its just that stop speaking, alright?"

Lin Wanwan could actually hear a trace of pleading from his tone.

Yu Yun closed her eyes and no longer said anything.

She had no regrets left after seeing her daughter again.

Lin Wanwan walked over and sat by the bed. "Go out first. I would like to chat with my mother for a while."

Lu Zhengyu was already feeling angry. Upon hearing this, he flared up and wanted to scold her.

Lu Zhanbei hooked his shoulders and dragged him out forcibly.

"Unfilial son, you have actually become a womans loyal sidekick. You have thrown all my face away!"


As the door closed, Lin Wanwan looked at Yu Yun, who was on the bed, with a stern expression.

"Mother, Ill ask you a question. You have to answer me honestly."