Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Unless I Die

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"You really dont have any love for Lu Zhengyu at all? Was it your intention to leave him, or are you doing this just for the sake of my happiness?"

Yu Yuns look was indifferent. "Both. I no longer want to be a canary in a cage. Death to me is a form of relief."

Lin Wanwan looked at her and suddenly bit her lower lip. Tears fell quietly.

Yu Yun panicked and hurriedly wiped her tears away. "Dont cry why are you crying?"

When she sensed the gentleness and nervousness under her mothers movements, Lin Wanwans tears fell more rapidly.

"How can you be so selfish? It was difficult for Lin Wanwan to have a mother again, but you want to abandon her once more. Dont you find that cruel?"

Yu Yun felt heartache and guilt. "Sorry, but"

Lin Wanwan placed her hand on her face. "No buts! Hand Lu Zhengyus problem over to me and Lu Zhanbei. I want you to accompany me well. Before returning to me the kinship and maternal love you owe me, youre not to go anywhere!"

When she heard these words, Yu Yuns heart melted.


At the same time.

The Lu father-and-son pair outside the ward was staring at each other.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lu Zhengyu, who was smoking. He was emotionless as he said, "Old man, do you know what the biggest difference between a man and an animal is? A man knows how to let go. Youre holding on blindly to a woman who doesnt love you. That will only make both of you tormented."

While these words hit the nail on the head, they were also full of sarcasm toward Lu Zhengyu.

Miraculously, Lu Zhengyu didnt flare up. He only sneered in disdain.

"Your words arent convincing at all. If you were in my shoes, youll be crazier than I am and more unscrupulous. After all, you have my blood in your body."

Lu Zhanbei looked at him and immediately defeated him with one sentence.

"Im luckier than you."

Lu Zhengyu let out bitter laugher in self-mockery. "Yes, the luckiest thing in this world is that the person you like likes you as well. Why cant I get to her heart even after trying so hard?"

"You should let go, then."


Lu Zhengyu shook his head. His eyes were filled with a stubborn glow.

"I will never let go. Unless I die!"

Lu Zhanbei understood his one-track mind and didnt plan to waste his breath anymore. "Then continue to adhere to your foolish ways. Once Madam Yu is discharged, Ill imprison you again. This would solve the problem, and she wouldnt have suicidal thoughts again."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhengyu felt his heart get torn apart!

One cant stop someone who wanted to die deliberately.

If his persistence would lead to Yu Yuns death, how could he bear to continue?

However, he couldnt give Yu Yun up.

Lu Zhanbei arranged Yu Yuns and Old Master Lins ward to be on the same floor so that it would be more convenient for Lin Wanwan to take care of them.

As Lu Zhengyu stayed by Yu Yuns side every day, Lin Wanwan was afraid he would use this opportunity to lay a hand on Old Master Lin and, thus, watched him closely.

Lu Zhengyu couldnt help but say sarcastically, "Damned girl! Lu Zhanbei has protected your grandpas room flawlessly. Even monitoring devices were installed. Even if I knew how to fly, I couldnt possibly kill him. Get lost and go back to your grandpas. Dont disturb me and Ah Yun!"

Lin Wanwan was not annoyed. She glanced at Yu Yun.


Yu Yuns face sank and she looked at Lu Zhengyu coldly.

Lu Zhengyu felt helpless. "Ignore my words just now."

During the past few days, Yu Yun didnt talk to him at all. It was obvious she was trying to use cold treatment to force him to give up.

At this time, Lin Wanwan said, "Mother, Im going to visit Grandpa. Ill come again in the afternoon."