Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Theres A Show To Watch

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The moment Lin Wanwan closed the door, she saw Lu Zhengyu grabbing Yu Yuns hand and heard him saying in a near-pleading tone, "Dont ignore me. As long as youre not stubborn in the future and no longer say silly words about leaving me, Ill listen to you about everything. Ok?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head. She retracted her gaze and locked the door.

Old Master Lins ward was at the other end of the corridor and was a little far away.

Lin Wanwan stopped in front of the room. She was about to push open the door when she heard a familiar voice from behind.


She turned her head and saw Lin Qinghao, who was in a suit, walking over. There were little beads of sweat on his forehead.

When he got closer, Lin Wanwan frowned. "What are you doing here?"

Lin Qinghao looked at the tightly-shut door and asked, "Is your grandpa here?"

"How did you know?" Lin Wanwan was shocked.

"I sent someone to check on your whereabouts. I found out that you would come to the military hospital every day. That was when I guessed Old Master Lin has been found."

Lin Wanwan sensed the anxiety and worry in his eyes. Her look softened. "Things were urgent. I forgot to inform you."

"No problem. How is he now?"

"Grandpa can be discharged in a few days time. You can go in to see him."


After pushing open the door, Lin Qinghao strode in. He saw Old Master Lin watering the flowers.


Old Master Lin turned his head and gave him a smile. "Youre here. Sit."

Although Lin Qinghao wasnt a good father, he was still quite filial to his parents.

Seeing that Old Master Lin was safe and sound, he felt more at ease and started to ask about the details of his disappearance, firing questions like a cannonball.

Old Master Lin didnt tell him the truth. He only mentioned that a group of kidnappers who sought money had kidnapped him and that Lin Wanwan had been the one to save him.

Although there were a lot of loopholes in his explanation, Lin Qinghao didnt ask anything further.

Both of them chatted for a while. Lin Qinghao looked at the time and said, "Father, I still have a meeting to attend. Ill visit you again tomorrow."


The next afternoon, Lin Qinghao came to the hospital again. Lin Wanxin came along.

Suddenly, Lin Wanxin stopped in her tracks. She looked back at the corridor.

"Father, take a look quickly. Isnt that Second Sister?"

Lin Qinghao took a while to recognize her. "It should be her. However, what is she doing there?"

A trace of darkness flashed past Lin Wanxins eyes. She gave a slight smile and said, "Probably to visit her friend."

"Her friends staying in this hospital as well?"

"I heard from a nurse friend who works here that Second Sister would shuffle between these two wards every day. Grandpa stays in one room. Another beautiful woman stays in the other room. Shes over thirty years old and looks gentle. Oh right, she has a small red mole below her right ear. Such a color is quite rare."

Lin Qinghaos face changed and he stared fixedly at Lin Wanxin. "Are you sure?!"

Lin Wanxin seemed to be frightened. "My friend said so. She felt that that woman was very beautiful and, thus, secretly observed her for a while. Father, could it be that you know her as well?"

Lin Qinghaos breathing was rapid. Even both his hands were trembling.

There was a red mole below Ah Yuns right ear

Lin Qinghao strode out.

"Father, where are you going?"

Lin Wanxins question came from behind but he ignored it.

Lin Wanxin watched him disappear as he chased after Lin Wanwan. Her lips slowly curved into a strange smile.

"Theres a show to watch."

She quickly sorted out her emotions and, with a gentle and harmless expression, pushed open the door. A young girls innocent smile was the best disguise.

"Grandpa, Im here to see you."