Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 74

Chapter 74 She Is Not That Person

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“Lin Wanwan.” Lu Zhanbei’s voice hit Lin Wanwan like a chilling storm.

She put her hand together and begged for mercy. “Mister Lu, Master Lu, Uncle Lu, I admit my deadly mistake! Please forgive me for once, and don’t use up my last favor, please! I’m begging you!”

Her chubby face pleading for forgiveness was simply adorable. Although Lu Zhanbei knew that she was putting on an act, he couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

After a brief silence, he drew his brows together in compromise. “Never again.”

Lin Wanwan was relieved, and she said obediently, “Okay, never again.”

“Why do you care so much about the last favor?”

He had been wanting to ask this since the night she got a fever.

She used the first and second without hesitation, but the third

Lin Wanwan licked her dry lips. “You are the only one that I can trust now. I’m just worried that I may not have anyone to go to if I ever face any trouble. What if no one remembers me when I die again?”


Overlooking the word “again,” Lu Zhanbei pondered. He was at a loss for words.

He could tell that Lin Wanwan was not acting when she answered.

At last, he responded, “Got it. It will get better, trust me.”

Lin Wanwan pulled herself together and returned to her cheery self.

“Lu Zhanbei, I’ve been wondering why you are helping me even though we didn’t know each other. If you’d chosen not to help me, you wouldn’t be stuck with a troublemaker like me right now. You must be regretting it, right?”

“You’ll understand.” Lu Zhanbei didn’t intend to give her an answer. “It’s late, I’ll take you back to school.”


Lu Zhanbei knocked on the separator and signaled Gu Mo to drive.

At the back gate of the school, Lu Zhanbei watched as Lin Wanwan’s figure vanished in the dark. He turned to Gu Mo. “Let’s go.”

Gu Mo started the engine. While driving, he carefully observed Lu Zhanbei’s expressions.

Seeing his calm eyes and his inconspicuous smile, Gu Mo knew that he was in a good mood.

“Sir, I think that Ms. Lin is a fine girl. Have you thought about developing a relationship with her?”

Lu Zhanbei sounded empty as he said, “No matter how nice she is, she’s not that person.”

Gu Mo was astounded!

That person?

Did he just admit that he had someone buried in his heart? Even Gu Mo didn’t know who that person was. Could it be a one-sided love?

What kind of undeniable charm could have left a mark this deep in Lu Zhanbei’s heart?

Why did he not confess?

Gu Mo didn’t believe that there’s any woman in this world who would reject Lu Zhanbei.

The second morning, all news platforms published the conflict.

Spotlight: Hai Lan resorted to violence, igniting hatred between junior Lin Wanwan and herself.”

Main supporting actress Lin Wanwan reported being abused for years, casting a shadow over her youth.”

Similar titles flooded the media.

An Qiao had made a deal with the reporters. Therefore, no picture of the event was published.

The conflict between Hai Lan and Lin Wanwan was treated as a minor incident while most articles focused on the mental trauma left on Lin Wanwan from being abused by her family.

Although the media did not expose Tao Xinyue’s name, anyone could tell that she was the mastermind.

Given Lin Wanwan’s rising popularity, the articles attracted the attention of millions of netizens.

Other than the minority who were posting mean comments, most expressed sympathy towards Lin Wanwan’s unfortunate past.