Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Neither Of Them Was Good At All

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Compared to his pretentious calmness under the madness, Yu Yun was really calm. She stared straight into his dangerous eyes.

"Yes, it has been fourteen years. Qinghao, you have betrayed my trust. You didnt take good care of our daughter and even let Tao Xinyue bully and insult her for more than ten years!"

Under her accusatory eyes, Lin Qinghao actually felt guilty for a moment.

However, very quickly, the anger in his heart was ignited again.

Why should he feel guilty?

"What about you?!" Lin Qinghao shouted, his expression gradually becoming ferocious.

"You said that you would witness our daughters growth together with me and send her to the marriage hall. However, you went back on your words. You abandoned Wanwan and betrayed me!"

His voice became louder, and his emotions became more intense. Green veins started to appear on his forehead.

"Yu Yun, I always thought you left because I didnt give you a status. I dont blame you, and I was even waiting for you to come back. I didnt expect that the reason you left me was actually because you hooked up with another man! Tao Xinyues right. Youre a woman of loose morals"


Without waiting for him to finish, Lu Zhengyu had already raised his fists and hit him hard on the chin.

Lin Qinghao, who was unprepared for this, was knocked to the ground. A snow-white tooth was mixed in the fresh blood he spat out.

"Zhengyu, stop!" Yu Yun stopped him, frowning. "There should be a conclusion between me and him."

Lu Zhengyu stayed by the bed. He smiled coldly as he threatened, "Lin Qinghao, in my eyes, youre just a clown. If you know your place, get lost now and dont disturb Ah Yun ever again. If not, be careful of your life!"

Lin Qinghao could tell that Lu Zhengyu came from a strong background. If it were in the past, he wouldnt have rebutted Lu Zhengyu. However, at this very moment, his rationality was replaced by anger.

"On what basis? Im the one whos Yu Yuns man. Regardless of who you are, Yu Yun has to leave with me!"

Lu Zhengyu was not a good-tempered soft persimmon. Upon hearing this, he flared up and wanted to make a move again.

"Zhengyu, let me talk to him."

Yu Yun swept her eyes over him. Lu Zhengyu could only retreat unwillingly.

Yu Yun looked at Lin Qinghao and said calmly, "I wont leave with you. Do you know what kind of people I hate the most? The kind that disregards the other partys wishes and only knows to use brute and arrogant means to get what he or she wants. I am done being dominated by others and not having freedom in my life."

When they heard these words, not only did Lin Qinghaos face change, even Lu Zhengyu clenched his fists.

Lin Wanwan, who was by the side, laughed coldly.

These two men were of the same kind. Neither of them was good at all!

Yu Yun looked at her, her eyes as gentle as water. "I used to think that Wanwan was still young. Thus, I forced myself to live with you so that I could give her a complete family. Now that she has grown up, Im so proud of her for being so outstanding. In the days ahead, I just want to accompany her."

Lu Zhengyu felt sourness in his heart, and he tried to make his presence known. "You accompany her, Ill accompany you."

Lin Qinghao laughed out loud. His eyes were red as he shouted, "Dont be so hypocritical. I know you have already played up to someone of power and influence and no longer fancy me. I must have been blind that year, to have loved such a vain woman like you!"

Lu Zhengyus gaze was cold. "It looks like you wouldnt know how to say humane words until Ive given you a lesson. Im telling you for the last time, Yu Yuns my woman!"

Not to be outdone, Lin Qinghao shouted, "Nonsense! Her first man was me. She also gave birth to a child for me. Youre a robber for snatching her away!"

These words were like a tank of gasoline that was poured into Lu Zhengyus heart. He was instantly angered.