Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Both Of Them Deserved To Die

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"You are asking for it!"

His fist aimed for Lin Qinghaos face.

Although Lin Qinghao wasnt as strong as Lu Zhengyu, his anger released his inner beast as he returned punches with all hes got.

Lin Qinghao had been hit pretty badly, but it was like he couldnt sense any pain as he constantly fought back.

Lin Wanwan looked at the pair who couldnt break apart and fell into a dilemma. She had no idea if she should give them a round of applause or bring a chair to watch the show.

Both of them deserved to die!

Yu Yun tried to stop them, but the pair couldnt hear a thing.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

Lu Zhanbei walked in with Mo Jiushang.

After looking at the mess, Lu Zhanbei looked away in disgust.


Mo Jiushang, who was ready for a nap, slowly opened his eyes. He dragged his feet forward, and his lazy stance made Lin Wanwan question if he could do anything.

The next moment, the very second that Mo Jiushang entered the fight, it was like someone had pushed the fast forward button. A side kick as fast as lightning took out Lin Qinghao in an instant.

Before Lin Qinghao could crawl his way up, Mo Jiushangs right foot stepped on him. It was seemingly effortless, but Lin Qinghao couldnt move an inch!

At the same time, Mo Jiushangs punch on Lu Zhengyus belly had forced him a few steps back. Sweat broke out on Lu Zhengyus forehead.

"Sorry, my punches hurt a little, please be careful."

Lin Wanwan chuckled.

How was that "a little" painful? She would claim that she was pretty strong, but it would be worth nothing in Mo Jiushangs eyes.

Lu Zhanbei looked at Mo Jiushangs foot, which was resting on Lin Qinghaos chest.

"Let him go."

Mo Jiushang moved his foot and went back to leaning against the wall.

Yu Yun sighed. "Mr. Lin, please leave. We have been cleared of each other since fourteen years ago. Please dont disrupt my life any longer."

If he went on, Lu Zhengyu would definitely kill him, and Yu Yun didnt want any life lost because of her.

Lin Qinghaos twisted expression became more fearsome under the decoration of his bruises.

He stared at the familiar-looking face. As much as he hated what she had done, his heart was still beating for her.

After a while, his cold voice echoed across the room. "I have three questions, and you must answer them honestly!"

"Go ahead."

"Do I carry any weight in your heart?"

Yu Yun shook her head. "The victim would never fall in love with the murderer."

Lin Wanwan nodded; her words were one for the book.

Lu Zhengyu didnt look too happy, and neither did Lin Qinghao. "Have you been living with this man all these years?"


Lin Qinghaos eyes flashed of anger. "Are you planning to continue staying with him?"

Lu Zhengyu turned and looked at Yu Yun.

After pondering, she nodded.

There was no harm lying if it meant that Lin Qinghao would give up.

Lu Zhengyu smiled and walked up to hold her hands.

As he looked at the crossed fingers of the pair, Lin Qinghaos face twitched. "Yu Yun, you can choose not to love me, and I can forgive you for abandoning me. But you should have never betrayed me!"

He turned around and stomped away.

Yu Yun tried to escape Lu Zhengyus hand immediately. "Let me go."

Lu Zhengyu tightened his grip. "No! You just said you would stay with me, and you must keep your word!"