Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Ones With True Love Would Always Become Siblings

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"Im not that noble of a person."

"I dont care. You cant take it back!"

Yu Yun closed her eyes as she felt her energy being drained out.

Lin Wanwan felt terrible for her.

Being the obsession of these men was like being snared by a venomous snake; the more she tried to escape, the more pain she faced.

The final answer was either accepting her fate or dying in dignity.

Yu Yun looked gullible on the surface, but she had already made her decision in her heart! She would never accept her fate!

Lin Wanwan was afraid that Yu Yun would attempt suicide again, so she signaled Lu Zhanbei that she wanted to talk to Yu Yun privately.

Lu Zhanbei nodded, and just like before, he dragged Lu Zhengyu out of the room.


Lin Qinghaos fist landed on the wall, but it was as if he felt no pain as he continued launching punches at the wall.

He didnt stop his self-destructive actions until his hands were covered in blood.

Around the corner, Lin Wanxin watched quietly. After some time, she finally came forward, acting as if she had just spotted him. "Father! What happened to you? Why are you doing this to yourself?"

Lin Qinghao collapsed onto the ground, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

Lin Wanxin took out her handkerchief and asked while wiping his wounds, "What happened? You can tell me, Ill see if I can give you any advice."

After a brief silence, Lin Qinghao asked in a hoarse voice, "Wanxin, have you dated anyone overseas?"

"I did, but I didnt really like him. Our breakup was rather peaceful."

Lin Qinghaos lips curved into an ugly smile. "What would you do if the person you love the most has betrayed you?"

Lin Wanxin didnt reply. Instead, she brought her hands before Lin Qinghaos eyes and her finger tapped the back of her hand in an odd rhythm.

After a while, she felt Lin Qinghaos eyes go emotionless as she finally spoke.

"I would keep him with me with all I have. However, if I cant achieve that, I would rather murder him and take my own life. Thats better than watching him flirting with another girl! Now, you have an idea of what to do"

Lin Qinghaos blood-shot eyes widened. "I will destroy her!"

Lin Wanxin was satisfied with the emotions that he was displaying.

This is the power of hypnosis.

Drown in the urge for revenge!

Lin Qinghao picked himself up from the ground and looked toward Yu Yuns room.

Hatred rose from his love in a split second.

The deeper his love was, the greater the rage it brought.

Lin Wanwan gave Yu Yun some alone time as she chatted with Lu Zhanbei in the hallway.

"Can you accept your father being together with my mother?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows. "Thats a question you should be asking yourself."

"But, my mom has destroyed the marriage between your parents, do you not blame her for that?" Lin Wanwan had been curious about this.

Lu Zhanbei wanted to nod his head, but he didnt want to be seen as a heartless creature. Thus, he said after some thought, "My parents marriage was political, and they dont have any feelings for each other. They live separate lives even if they are not divorced."

However, his mother was still annoyed at how Yu Yun could steal Lu Zhengyus heart.

A woman whos always high up in the air couldnt admit defeat to a normal lady like Yu Yun.

"Hais," Lin Wanwan sighed.

"Whats bothering you?"

"I just realized that the ones who are truly in love always end up as siblings!"