Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 744

Chapter 744 The Final Check Up

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Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

Lin Wanwan rested her head on his shoulder. "Although your father is willing to accept our relationship, my mother just wants to be free. She has been through so much, and I wish that she would live the rest of her life with joy."

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "I can provide the old man with all he needs and let him have a taste of being locked up at home."

Lin Wanwan had nothing to say to that as she shook her head. "Ahh, what a headache!"

"You are overthinking."

"Thats because I care."

Whatever, Ill take it step by step. Mothers will is the top priority, and Lu Zhengyu has no say in this!

Lin Qinghao didnt show up in the next two days.

Old Master Lin had recovered completely, and Lin Wanwan accompanied him home.

In the living room, she realized that Lin Wanxin was the only one home.

"Wanwan, Im sorry that I couldnt bring Grandpa home together with you." She looked apologetic.

"You didnt know the date of his release, so its fine."

Lin Wanwan sat the Old Master on the sofa and looked around the house. "Where is Lin Qinghao?"

Lin Wanxin frowned. "I have no idea. He is probably in the study room. Since he came back from the hospital, he had locked himself in the room and didnt allow us to enter. Its been two days, and its worrying me. Should we go and check on him?"

Lin Wanwan smacked her lips. "Nah, Ill leave for now."

She had no sympathy for her "father."

After making sure that Old Master Lin was alright, Lin Wanwan left the house.

Lin Wanxin sent her to the front door and watched as her car drove off. The smile on Lin Wanxins face was rather eerie.

At the hospital, Lu Zhengyu looked satisfied to be watching TV with Yu Yun.

Yu Yun felt a little awkward. "Im leaving the hospital tomorrow, could you help me get a set of home clothes?"

"No problem."

Lu Zhengyu was glad that Yu Yun would finally talk to him. Before he left the room, he grinned. "Wait for me. Ill be back soon."


Lu Zhengyu ordered the guards to stay alert before leaving the hospital.

Minutes later, a doctor in a white coat and mask walked over.

"Ill conduct a final check-up for the patient."

He pushed the door open without saying anything else.

Yu Yun was engrossed in Lin Wanwans drama and didnt pay attention to the doctor. "My body has recovered, there is no need for a check-up."

The doctor walked to the bedside and stared at her from above.

Yu Yun sensed that something was off. She turned and saw a pair of familiar eyes through her glasses.


She wanted to scream, but the doctor covered her mouth with his palm.

His arm wrapped around her neck to lock her in place, and he pulled down the mask on his face.

The man was Lin Qinghao.

Lin Qinghao put on a smile as his hands caressed Yu Yuns face like he was under a spell.

"Its been fourteen years, and I can finally feel your skin again. Do you know how much Ive missed you? I would always dream of waking up by your side, but the reality was disappointing. Its ok. I promise you will never have the chance to let me down again."