Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Love Can Drive One Insane

Chapter 745: Love Can Drive One Insane
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Yu Yun struggled to alert the guards, but her soft voice couldnt be heard.

Lin Qinghao tied her limbs onto the bed and taped her mouth.

"Dont be scared."

He brushed the hair off of Yu Yuns face, and it appeared to her that he was not in the right mind.

Holding one of Yu Yuns arm up, he whipped out a sharp blade hidden in his pocket and pressed it against her vein.

"Yu Yun, dont worry. Soon, you wont feel the pain any longer."

When Yu Yun realized what he was doing, the fear in her eyes faded and she stared at him in peace.

Lin Qinghaos hand slid across her arm.

A stream of blood splashed onto the white bedsheet.

The pain made Yu Yun frown subconsciously.

Lin Qinghao, who was under hypnosis, felt the urge to save her for a split second.

"Yu Yun, Im sorry."

In the end, he just stood by the bed and watched as blood oozed out of the cut.

"If you didnt appear before my eyes, I would have remembered you as a perfect woman and spent the rest of my life missing you. However, I cant tolerate your betrayal, and I cant watch you leave again for that man."

Love can drive one insane, and it can bring hatred and suffering, even death.

Yu Yun didnt look at him. She faced the ceiling as she welcomed her death.

It was a great ending. Lu Zhengyu would learn to let go, and Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan could be together in peace.

She felt the weight of her eyelids and slowly shut her eyes.

Lin Qinghao bent down and put his cold lips against hers.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

It wasnt Lu Zhengyu but Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei, whod come from Yun Mansion.

"Mother, I made your favorite"

The bloody scene bulged into Lin Wanwans sight. Her cheerful tone took a quick turn. The lady lying in a pool of blood felt more like an illusion to her than real life.

Lu Zhanbei dashed forward and pressed the emergency bell after kicking Lin Qinghao aside.

"Mother!!!" her piercing shriek echoed in the hallway. "Doctor! Where is the doctor"

She had lost her sense as she rushed out of the room, calling for help.

Lin Qinghao had come back to his senses. Recalling his action, he buried his head in his hands, and tears ran down his still-grinning cheeks.

"Its too late, Ive killed her, there is no hope"

Lu Zhanbei carried Yu Yun in his arms in an attempt to bring her to the emergency room. At that moment, the woman who was already on her last breath somehow pulled his sleeves and spoke.

"Zhanbei I have two final requests. You have to promise me"

Lu Zhanbei lowered his head. "Go ahead."

With an almost inaudible voice, she spoke her mind with all her strength.



Before she could finish her last word, her body had collapsed in Lu Zhanbeis arms.

Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes in grief and brought her out of the room.

Steps later, he saw Lu Zhengyu with a gift box in his hand.

Lu Zhengyu couldnt immediately recognize the woman in his arms. The man in a great mood even cracked a joke. "I cant believe you have the guts to be carrying another woman. What if your girl sees you?"