Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Lu Zhanbei I Have No Mother Again

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When he walked closer, he saw the womans lifeless face clearly.

Clang! The gift box in his hands fell to the ground immediately.

"Ah Yun?"

He reached out in disbelief and tried to detect Yu Yuns breath. When he didnt feel any movement, he could not help but let out a pitiful scream.

"No no!!!"

"Old man, dont interfere with this for now. Ill send her to the emergency room immediately."

Lu Zhanbei strode forward. After a long while, Lu Zhengyu recovered himself and chased after them.

Yu Yun, who had returned safely after narrowly escaping death, was once again sent to the emergency room. Lu Zhengyu, who looked like hed lost his soul, stood next to the tightly-closed door. After a long while, he questioned agitatedly, "What actually happened? Did Lin Wanwan say something to her again?!"

"She didnt commit suicide. Lin Qinghao did this."

Lu Zhengyu clenched his fists tightly. "Im going to kill him!"

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his throbbing temples. "The most important thing right now is to wait for the results of Madam Yus operation."

Lu Zhengyu calmed down slightly. His eyebrows revealed fluster. He looked at Lu Zhanbei, as if seeking psychological comfort.

"Ah Yun was in such a critical situation back then but managed to survive. She can do it again, right?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at him and tilted his head. "Perhaps."

Lin Wanwan, who was sitting by the side, clasped her hands and prayed.

Unexpectedly, the operation time this time was much shorter compared to the previous one. It was so short that one could not help but feel panic-stricken.

With everyone throwing anxious looks at him, the deputy dean, who had personally done this operation, smiled bitterly. "The emergency rescue failed. The patient has passed away."


It was as if lightning had struck them; they could not move.

Lin Wanwan held the wall with one hand, and the tears she had strongly suppressed rolled down her cheeks.

The last glimmer of light in Lu Zhengyus eyes was extinguished. The strange thing was, he didnt fly into a fury. He didnt even look like he was the slightest bit tormented.

He slowly squatted down. Such desperate silence was more touching than any form of mourning. Even Lu Zhanbei felt a trace of pity toward him.

"Old man. My condolences."

The moment Lu Zhanbei stepped forward to support him, Lu Zhengyu suddenly sprung up. He quickly pulled out a small silver pistol from behind Lu Zhanbei and aimed the muzzle at his own temple!

He didnt have the slightest hesitation and planned to pull the trigger!

Time was hanging by a thread. Lu Zhanbei clasped Lu Zhengyus wrist and didnt hesitate to chop him with his hand.

Lu Zhengyus body swayed a little. He seemed to be putting up a strong front as he refused to faint.

Lu Zhanbei didnt have the slightest bit of love for his father as he gave two chops again. Then, he got Gu Mo to send him to the lounge to sleep.

He sat next to Lin Wanwan. He embraced the girl who was crying hard within his arms and lightly patted her silently to appease her.

"Lu Zhanbei I have no mother again"

It had been so difficult for her to obtain dream-like maternal love. Shed lost it before having the time to fully enjoy it.

Sensing her weakness, Lu Zhanbei patted her back. "Ill be here accompanying you."

Lin Wanwan buried her face in his chest, and her tears never stopped.

At the main residence of the Lu family.

Lu Zhengyu sat on the rocking chair at the balcony. He looked up at the sky and didnt move at all, as if he had turned into a statue.

When Ah Yun was still around, she loved to sit here and read her book while enjoying tea.

Lu Zhanbei walked over and sat down in the chair next to him. He noticed Lu Zhengyus indifference and went straight to the point. "Before Madam Yu left, she said a few words regarding you. Do you want to listen to them?"