Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 747

Chapter 747 In A Single Day

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Lu Zhengyus dark eyes moved, and he turned his head to look at him.

"She hopes you can live well."

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhengyu curved his lips into an ugly smile. "Is that possible?"

As he hadnt spoken for a long time, his voice was extremely hoarse.

Lu Zhanbei said, "I dont care if its possible or not. I have already promised her. Thus, you cannot die."

Lu Zhengyu didnt say anything and continued to immerse himself in his own world.

Changing his perspective, Lu Zhanbei could understand his mood. "Old man, if a person isnt afraid of death, would he or she be afraid of living? Madam Yu is already dead. You have to accept it. If you really love her, you should try your best to accomplish her last wishes. If not, she will not die in peace."

Lu Zhengyus body trembled. He looked up, his eyes moist.

"I have always wanted to marry her. That is the target I have been persevering for. Now that the targets gone, I really think its a torment to live."

Under the gloom of the setting sun, the white hair between his eyebrows was particularly glaring.

In a single day, hed grown older by a lot.

This king, who was standing at the peak of the list of powers in Xia country, had completely lost all his ambitions. He even lost the motivation to live.

Lu Zhanbei turned his gaze away and looked at the sun that was gradually sinking.

"This is the last thing you can do for her. Dont disappoint her."

Lu Zhengyu covered his face with both hands, and his shoulders moved slightly. His broken voice could be heard through the gaps between his fingers. "I regret it. Why didnt I listen to her when she persuaded me again and again? If I had listened to her then we would definitely be living very happily now I have caused her death. If I had known there would be such a day, Id much rather that she never appeared in my life I was wrong"

It wasnt a good thing to be too stubborn at times.

A trace of fluctuation flashed past Lu Zhanbeis calm eyes. Why was it that one only learned how to cherish something after losing it?

"Have a good think. Ill get going first."

Lu Zhengyu maintained his posture of covering his face. After an unknown period of time, he knelt both knees on the ground. He hugged his head and let out a pitiful low roar.


This roar contained a lot of sorrow.

He was like an arrogant wolf king who had lost its partner. There were desperation and unwillingness, and he was full of remorse and hatred.

It was Yu Yuns funeral two days later. It was drizzling, and this made the atmosphere more suppressive.

Lu Zhengyu buried Yu Yun at the Lu familys ancestral grave. The words that were carved on the tombstone indicated that she was Lu Zhengyus wife.

However, this was just a grave that contained the deceaseds belongings.

Lu Zhengyu held Yu Yuns ashes in his hands and stood in front of the grave. He didnt move for a very long time.

Lin Wanwan was dressed in black. Her eyes were red and swollen. Lu Zhanbei held up a black umbrella and sheltered both of them.

Lin Wanwan rubbed her sore eyes only when it was twilight and the rain had stopped. "Lets go."

Regardless of how sad she was, she had to accept the truth.


The moment the two of them turned around, Lu Zhengyus deep voice could be heard.

"Im leaving."

Lu Zhanbei turned his head. "Where to?"

Lu Zhengyu shook his head expressionlessly. His eyes were like dead water. Not a trace of ripple could be seen.

"I dont know either. Besides reuniting with Lin Wanwan, Ah Yuns biggest wish before her death was to travel around the world and look at all the beautiful scenery. Im going to complete this wish for her. Ill hand over the Lu family to you. Its up to you if you want to make it brilliant or a failure."


Lu Zhanbei held Lin Wanwans hand. They turned around and left.

When they stepped down the stairs, Lin Wanwan could not help but look back.

Lu Zhengyus back, which was always straight, curved slightly. There was a large amount of silver-white in his hair.

He hugged the ashes tightly in his arms and rubbed them lightly. "Dont worry. After Ive completed your wish, Ill find you immediately. Wait for me."