Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 748

Chapter 748 Not Worthy To Receive Freedom

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Lin Wanwan didnt look at him any longer and left quickly.

Regardless of how tormented she felt, she couldnt catch up to even half of Lu Zhengyus torment.

After they returned to Yun Mansion, she was still feeling down and asked, "How is Lin Qinghao now?"

"The old man sent him to prison and he was sentenced to life imprisonment."

"Ok. Thats good."

Sometimes, death was a form of freedom.

Lin Qinghao was not worthy to receive freedom.

He was going to spend the rest of his lifetime repenting the mistakes he made.

Lin Wanwan opened her mobiles photo album and scrolled through the pictures she had taken with Yu Yun in the hospital. She immediately wanted to cry again.

She strongly suppressed her tears. "I now understand the difference between Lin Qinghao and Lu Zhengyu. Although both of them are equally selfish and mad, I dare say that even if my mother betrayed Lu Zhengyu, he wouldnt have been so extreme like Lin Qinghao was, because he cant bear to hurt her."

Lu Zhanbei touched her head and said, "It is difficult for a deep love to last."

Lin Wanwan felt like her head was about to explode from the pain. "Lie down with me for a while."

She didnt want to be alone. She was afraid she could not help but let her mind wander.

"Extremely willing to." Lu Zhanbei lifted her up horizontally and carried her to the room. He placed her on the bed and lay next to her.

"Lu Zhanbei."


"I cant sleep. Tell me more about my mother."

Lu Zhanbei felt helpless. The number of times he met Madam Yu could be counted with his fingers. He didnt know her well.

However, when he met Lin Wanwans eager eyes, he tried his best to recall things from his memories. Coupled with the information he had found out from investigations and the guesses he mixed in, he told her a lot.

As she listened, Lin Wanwan, who was tired both physically and mentally, fell asleep.

Lu Zhanbei kissed her forehead. He held her hand, which was tightly holding on to his.

When Lin Wanwan woke up, she saw that Lu Zhanbei was making a call.

"Yes, he has already left."

"This is my business."

Lu Zhanbei deliberately kept his voice low. His tone got colder, and he hung up the call very quickly. When he turned around, he saw Lin Wanwan staring fixedly at him.

"Who do you want to frighten to death by staying so silent?"

"Who did you talk to?"

"Your future mother-in-law."

Lin Wanwan was slightly shocked. Even after being with Lu Zhanbei for so long, she had rarely heard him mention his mother. Thinking of his cold and indifferent attitude from before, she could not help but guess, "Are the two of you arguing because of me?"

"No. She was asking about the old man."

Lin Wanwan thought of the relationship between Yu Yun, Lu Zhengyu, and Madam Lu and expected it. "Your mother must hate me."

"No. If she hated you, she would have long forced us to break up."

Lin Wanwan felt slightly calmer. "What kind of person is she?"

"Havent you seen her before? Why do you have to ask me?"

"Ah? When was that?" Lin Wanwan was shocked.

"Very often."

Lin Wanwan was confused. "I dont understand."

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. "You will understand in the future."

Seeing that he wanted to keep her guessing, Lin Wanwan decided she wasnt in the mood to continue probing. "Has your father left?"

"Yes. The first stops the capital of Country M."

Lin Wanwan nodded. She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling dejectedly until the vibrating mobile pulled back her thoughts.

Old Master Lin had called.

Lin Wanwan felt that there was a need to explain the incident regarding Lin Qinghao to Old Master Lin and decided to return to the Lin family home.

Lu Zhanbei stood up. "Ill accompany you."


The two of them changed their clothes and rushed back to the Lin family home. As they entered the living room, Lin Wanwan saw Matriarch Lin slapping her thigh and crying. She seemed to be distressed over her son who was in prison. However, if she could squeeze out some tears, it would look more realistic.