Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Won't Break A Sweat Destroying Her

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“It wasn’t Lin Wanwan’s fault that she was mentally damaged. A poor girl being abused in that kind of family it wouldn’t have been easy. She didn’t do anything wrong. Shouldn’t the anti-fans stop insulting her? Don’t you feel ashamed, attacking a girl who is still a child?”

This comment got a lot of likes.

The issue was a hot topic of discussion. Most students in Imperial Capital High School heard about it, and so did Lin Siqing.

Lin Siqing put down the marker in her hand and sprang up. “This bastard, I’m going to find her now and show her who’s boss!”

“Siqing, wait!”

Her friend held onto her and whispered, “The whole school thinks your mom abused that idiot, and they probably assume you are an accomplice. If you start a conflict now, wouldn’t you be confirming the rumors?”

Lin Siqing’s face sank. After pondering, she packed her things and left in a hurry.

“Siqing, where are you going?”


Lin Siqing couldn’t take the humiliation and told Tao Xinyue about it once she reached home.

Tao Xinyue smashed the teacup in her hand before Lin Siqing even finished her words. “That b*tch dares to sabotage us! I was wondering why my friends had looked at me with judgmental eyes! That idiot is asking for it!”

Lin Siqing was equally enraged. “Mom, you have to teach Lin Wanwan a lesson! Who knows what kind of rumors she will spread next!”

“Of course!”

Tao Xinyue ordered the servants to get her a cup of tea. After a few sips, she regained her composure.

“Let’s see if she can still badmouth us when I’ve ended her career!”

Lin Siqing’s eyes flickered like those of a cunning fox. Holding onto her mom’s arm, she acted like a spoilt child. “Also, you have to find a way to kick Lin Wanwan out of school. It’s too shameful to be in the same school as her!”

Lin Siqing knew that her mom had some tricks up her sleeves. She was sure that Lin Wanwan, who was just a mentally challenged girl, would stand no chance against her mother.

“Sure.” Tao Xinyue gently patted her beloved daughter’s hair. “I promise.”

Lin Wanwan was like a powerless ant to her, and it wouldn’t take much effort to end her stardom.

“Thanks, Mom.”

The pair smiled at each other, and they could both see the brutality hidden in their eyes.

It is in our human nature to have sympathy for the weak. Ever since Lin Wanwan’s pitiful past had been exposed, the students at school, even those in her class, stopped despising her. Most would look at her with sympathy in their eyes.

When Liu Zilin attempted to mock her, she was stopped by other students.

Lin Wanwan had a pretty peaceful time.

On weekdays, she would go to school like any other student, and on weekends, she would be filming her drama.

“Pass! Next scene!”

An Qiao called cut and waved for Lin Wanwan and Hai Lan to change and do some touch-ups.

After the conflict, Hai Lan had simmered down. At least when they were doing scenes, she didn’t create any trouble with Lin Wanwan.

The filming of the night scene ended smoothly. Before Lin Wanwan left, she was called over by An Qiao.

“Wanwan, come here.”

Lin Wanwan took a seat on the plastic stool beside An Qiao and drank the milk tea that he handed over. As she looked at his forced smile, her lips twitched.

“Uncle An, although I’m a child, I’m not stupid. I can see that you are about to gouge me, it’s written on your face.”