Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 751

Chapter 751 Grab Her

Chapter 751: Grab Her
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Lin Wanwan sighed. This was the little fairy whos an otherworldly being in the eyes of her fans?

If she didnt know her and saw her large-scale performance just now, she would have thought she was an action movie actress from a certain country.

"Sorry to have disturbed you."

Lin Wanwan had always minded her own business. She was not interested to find out more and was even more disinterested to spread gossip.

However, Qin Xiangyu was extremely fearful. She hadnt been getting along well with Lin Wanwan for a long time. If she were Lin Wanwan, she would definitely spread around what she saw previously in detail.

By then

Qin Xiangyu dared not think of the consequences. In a moment of anxiousness, she thought of an idea quickly and shouted, "Lin Wanwan, stop acting innocent! Didnt you want to seduce Young Yuan by barging in here? Why do you want to play cat and mouse with him now?"

As long as Lin Wanwan was pulled into this as well, she would naturally shut up.

As Young Yuan held Qin Xiangyus waist with one hand, he hooked a finger at Lin Wanwan with the other. "So you wanted to throw yourself into my arms? On account that youre not bad-looking, come over. The three of us will have fun together."

If it were in the past, Lin Wanwan might not have minded his impertinent words.

However, she was really in a bad mood recently and people kept agitating her!

"You want to have a drink with me, right?"

She curved her lips and smiled. She was so beautiful that she instantly got all of Young Yuans attention.

Lin Wanwan walked over slowly. She held up a glass of wine high.

Young Yuan opened his mouth. He was about to clink glasses with her when the beauty, who was still smiling beautifully the previous second, raised her arm and poured the entire glass of wine over his face.

"I hope this glass of wine can wash your foul mouth a little."

Young Yuan was stunned.

Qin Xiangyu exclaimed and hurriedly took out a few paper towels to wipe the alcohol off his face.

"Get lost!"

When he recovered himself, his face turned green and he slapped Qin Xiangyus hand away. He stared at Lin Wanwan sinisterly.

"Why are you acting innocent in front of me? Since youre also a female celebrity, youre no different from this Qin Xiangyu. Acting all pure and innocent on the outside but so flirtatious on the inside! Do you think I will think more highly of you if you use such a method? A bitch is a bitch. Even if you put on the skin of a female goddess, youre still a slut!"

He laughed coldly and looked at Qin Xiangyu. He ordered, "You teach her how to be a qualified bitch. Strip!"

Qin Xiangyus face changed. Even if she was already feeling extremely humiliated, she didnt dare to walk away. She didnt even dare to reject him.

She had spent a lot of effort to seduce this all mighty and superior young master.

Young Yuans family opened an entertainment company and had a significant influence in the entertainment circle.

If she offended him, it would be very difficult for her to continue mingling in this circle.

Qin Xiangyu glared at Lin Wanwan with hatred and started to strip.

In the end, she was left only with a black bra and black panties. She leaned toward the man. "Young Yuan, lets not ruin our night with a woman who doesnt know any better. Since she asked for it, why dont we train her well?"

Lin Wanwan was not interested to watch their despicable performance at all. She headed outside on her own.

Young Yuan flared up and immediately used his mobile to call his bodyguards. "Get over here quickly!"

Lin Wanwan pulled open the door and bumped into two burly men.

Young Yuan pointed at Lin Wanwan. "Grab her!"

The two bodyguards had not yet moved when the manager of Jin Tong Que Ground Palace rushed in upon hearing the commotion. He gave a bitter compensating smile. "Young Yuan, this girls identity is a little extraordinary. Dont mind her and forgive her this once. If not, you might get into trouble!"