Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 752

Chapter 752 How Could A Gentle And Kind Saint Kill Someone?

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Qin Xiangyu was afraid that Young Yuan would retreat upon hearing these words. She snorted in disdain. "Even if you would like to reconcile the parties concerned, you dont have to resort to such a lie, right? Lin Wanwan is a starlet who relied on selling her looks to climb higher up the ranks. Even if she really has backing, shes only a play toy in the eyes of the rich. She should be honored now that Young Yuan is interested in her!"

Young Yuan waved his hands fiercely. "Why are you standing like a stone there? Quickly grab this slut. Im going to play her to her death today. Lets see how shell continue to act innocent in front of me!"

Qin Xiangyu watched as the two bodyguards walked toward Lin Wanwan. Her eyes shone ruthlessly and she was gleeful.

Perhaps she could make use of this opportunity to pull Lin Wanwan completely in.

When the two bodyguards were about to touch Lin Wanwan, she clenched her fists, planning to use this opportunity to vent her anger.

However, when she reached out, a slight breaking sound was heard.


She saw a bodyguards hand being penetrated by a small dagger, and fresh blood was pouring out. It was so painful that he let out a pitiful scream.

All of these happened too quickly, and no one could react in time.

"Which a*shole"

Young Yuan trembled and shouted, appearing to be tough on the outside but was actually weak on the inside. He met a pair of cold and calm phoenixes.

At the beginning, he was still a little stunned. Then, the other party flashed his iconic elegant and light smile.

"Yuan Linshi, you just mentioned that my woman is a slut and you want to play her to her death, eh?"

"Lu Mr. Lu!"

The color drained from Yuan Linshis arrogant face instantly. His legs buckled, and he could not wait to faint.

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei regretfully. "You have arrived at an inappropriate time."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "You can also give them a beating right now."

Lin Wanwan glanced at those two bodyguards. One of them had already fainted from the pain. The other looked at the gaze she swept over and immediately retreated a few steps.

"Thats no fun."

"Then Ill spar with you when we get home."


Yuan Linshi listened to their natural conversation and the fear in his heart became stronger.

Especially when Gu Mo gave him a lopsided grin, as if saying, "Boy, you are finished."

He actually knelt to the ground and said, "Mr. Lu! Sorry! I didnt know Lin Wanwan was your girlfriend. I was the one who didnt know any better. Please spare me! Its her. Qin Xiangyu was the one who got me to do this."

His trembling finger pointed to Qin Xiangyu, and she was shocked.

"No, its not me"

Qin Xiangyu could tell from the fear Yuan Linshi had for Lu Zhanbei that he was a formidable big shot.

Lu Zhanbei couldnt be bothered to talk nonsense with them. "Gu Mo, since Young Yuan doesnt know how to speak humane words, its of no use to keep his mouth."

"Understood." Gu Mo brought Yuan Linshi along and disappeared, as if dragging a dead chicken away.

Initially, they could still hear his heartbreaking screams. Very quickly, it seemed like his mouth was gagged.

Gu Mo mumbled, "You should be thankful for your good luck today. If it were another demonic king that accompanied Sir over today, you can wait to be played."

"You can handle this woman yourself." Lu Zhanbei didnt even look at Qin Xiangyu.

Lin Wanwan signaled an OK hand gesture.

As Lin Wanwan got closer, Qin Xiangyu shrunk into a corner of the wall, feeling uneasy.

There was very little fabric on the black set of underwear she was wearing. Even the most critical areas were faintly visible.

She no longer displayed the innocence and arrogance she did in front of the media and fans. She pretended to be calm and said warningly, "What do you want to do? Its illegal to murder someone!"

Lin Wanwan didnt hide the malicious intent in her eyes. "Little Fairy Qin, you have thought too badly of me. How could a gentle and kind saint like me kill someone? I just feel that you look really beautiful right now."