Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 754

Chapter 754 The Woman Closest To Lu Zhanbei

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Cough. What kind of madness did Baoer display to scare them to this state?

After hearing that she was alright, Lin Wanwan felt more at ease.

At this time, the mobile Lu Zhanbei left on her lap rang.

"Lu Zhanbei, you have a call."

Lu Zhanbei was playing cards on behalf of Lin Wanwan and wasnt available. "Help me pick it up."

Lin Wanwan swiped her fingers on the screen. "Hello. Who are you?"

The party on the other end seemed to be stunned. Then, an elegant female voice traveled over. "Im the closest woman to Lu Zhanbei in this world."

Heh heh heh.

Lin Wanwan glanced coldly at Lu Zhanbei. Then, she replied impolitely, "Im his girlfriend."

After saying this, she hung up the call.

Lin Wanwan didnt get the chance to condemn Lu Zhanbei because that woman who was "closest to Lu Zhanbei" called again.

She rejected the call.

The woman called again.

Lin Wanwan rejected it again.

After a few rounds of back-and-forth, Lin Wanwan answered the call in irritation. "What tricks are you trying to play?!"

"You dont know who I am?"

"Youre a liar."

The woman closest to Lu Zhanbei was obviously herself.

There was silence for a while. Then, the person from the other end said, "Im his mother."


Lin Wanwan hung up the call with a cold face. However, the next second, she reacted fiercely and let out a short scream. This attracted everyones attention.

"How did you"

Lu Zhanbei had not yet finished asking when he saw Lin Wanwan grabbing his hand and weeping without tears.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im finished. I just hung up your mothers call!"

Lu Zhanbei chuckled. "Thats fine. Who doesnt have times of being careless?"

Lin Wanwan said weakly, "But I was careless for six times"

"" Lu Zhanbei was speechless.


Shen Zhiyi let out mad laughter, and Mo Chen seemed happy as well.

"Sister-in-law, youre in deep trouble. Auntie Lu hates two kinds of women the most. The first is those who have no manners and dont know the rules. The second is those who are often late and dont listen to words carefully."

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei pitifully. "Your mother has definitely put me on the blacklist."

From the start, based on her mother-daughter relationship with Yu Yun, she was already destined not to be liked by Madam Lu.

Lu Zhanbei was about to say something when his mobile rang again.

Lin Wanwan leaned over and took a look.

It was still Madam Lu.

"Lu Zhanbei, you actually didnt save your own mothers number. You are to be blamed for this! Quickly pick it up and put in a good word for me. Put emphasis on my natural beauty and kindness, and help me apologize to her!"


The room was a little noisy. Lu Zhanbei walked to the corridor and picked up the call.

Within a few minutes, he returned, looking the same as before.

Lin Wanwan asked carefully, "How is it? Did your mother forgive me?"

"She didnt mention you."

Lin Wanwan was at first stunned. Then, she lowered her head.

She wasnt even willing to mention her. That proved how much she hated her.

Shen Zhiyi asked, "Auntie never visits unless she needs something. Why did she look for you?"

"Feng Xiaowei has returned to the country. She asked me to pick her up."

"Feng Xiaowei?"

Shen Zhiyi recalled her memories of this person, then smiled without any clear meaning.

"Wanwan, you have to be careful. If Lu Zhanbei and I are considered childhood sweethearts, then he and Feng Xiaowei are considered soulmates."

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei, puzzled.

Lu Zhanbei patted her head calmly. "Dont listen to her nonsense. Feng Xiaowei is my secretary."