Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Very Purely Wanted To Sleep With Her

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Shen Zhiyi wrapped both arms around her chest. "If I remember correctly, from the time you were overseas fighting hard until now, Feng Xiaowei has always been by your side. Auntie appreciates her a lot. On the surface, she is like your secretary who helps you to manage the business overseas. Privately, a lot of employees feel that there is something going on between the two of you."

The way Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei gradually became more generous.

Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows. "Such a stare makes me feel that Im a two-timing a*shole."

"But you are."


Lin Wanwan was purely teasing him. Of course, she wouldnt really be angry and categorize a woman she had never met before as her love rival.

Not too long later, the gathering ended.

Mo Jiushang had just sat down in the passengers seat when he tilted his head and fell asleep. He could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and seemed to never sleep enough.

Lin Wanwan could not help but complain, "He wouldnt fall asleep like that the night he consummates his marriage, right?"

Gu Mo laughed heartily. "Mo Jiushang will never get married."


"Two years ago, under my urging and of Sirs, he decided to try and be in a relationship. Once he found a woman, he said, Will you be willing to sleep with me? Then, the woman"

Lin Wanwan was speechless in her despair. "Called the police."

"Yes. Hahaha!"

Gu Mos barbell-like laughter woke Mo Jiushang up. He closed his eyes and said lazily, "I just very purely wanted to sleep with her."

Yes, the woman also very purely wanted him to have a meal in jail.

The car drove to Yun Mansion. Before Lu Zhanbei got off the car, he told Gu Mo to pick Feng Xiaowei up the day after tomorrow.

Peace and quiet were restored in Lin Wanwans life. Although the wound in her heart was slowly healing, a permanent scar was left and it would hurt once it was touched.

Lu Zhengyus disappearance from the upper circles in the Imperial Capital set off stormy waves.

A lot of people felt that Lu Zhanbei killed and replaced him to be the man holding power in the Lu family.

Lu Zhanbei didnt explain in person regarding these rumors. He already had a lot of business on his hands. Now, he had to clean up the Lu familys mess. His workload had doubled.

Lin Wanwan was busy filming recently and, thus, headed out early and returned at dusk. They hadnt met for a few days.

This CEO had faced a lot of mishaps in the drama. The female lead was absent and applied for leave for different kinds of reasons. Lin Wanwan decided to film all the scenes in one shot.

Before filming, Lin Wanwan printed the photos she had taken of Qin Xiangyu that night onto name cards and produced numerous copies.

She arranged for Gu Mo to distribute them. Everyone from the directors and producers to the prop masters received one. Even the lunch boxes for the production team had them.

She even asked her friends in the entertainment circle to forward them.

An Qiao, Tan Zhiyue, Luo Han, Lian Chai etc.

Within half a month, Qin Xiangyu was completely famous!

Although the celebrities in the entertainment circle didnt want to make trouble out of nothing and didnt expose these photos, Qin Xiangyus fairy skin was completely removed.

Qin Xiangyu didnt lead a good life during these few days. She didnt know why, but her colleagues had been throwing her strange looks.

What was more outrageous was that two actors who became famous from filming restricted-level films actually publicly teased her, saying that they wanted to experience her bed skills.

Qin Xiangyus anger was unstoppable and she gave them a slap!

She was the representative of pure and innocent girls in the entertainment circle. These two a*sholes were actually being so insulting!

Those two men became angry as well. They smiled coldly and threw the name cards on her face.

"Qin Xiangyu, who in the entertainment circle doesnt know that youre a slut? You still dare to lay a hand on me? Do you dare bet I wont make these photos public and let your fans see for themselves what kind of a slut the female goddess they like is?"