Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 756

Chapter 756 Shower Together To Save Water

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When Qin Xiangyu saw clearly the photos on the name cards, she nearly went mad.

She finally understood why everyone was looking at her with that kind of gaze!

It was Lin Wanwan!

Lin Wanwan deliberately wanted to destroy her!

Qin Xiangyus heart was full of hatred.

The strange looks from all sides drowned her. Everyone, especially the men present, sized her up without the usual admiration they had in the past. They only had contempt and seemed to be using their eyes to strip her clothes off of her!

She couldnt tolerate it any longer and fled. She locked herself in the lounge.

The knocking sounds were accompanied by a harsh male voice. "Qin Xiangyu, its me. Open the door."

Qin Xiangyu opened the door, her face pale. She grabbed his hand and said, "Gao Zhen, youre my manager. You have to help me!"

Gao Zhen asked calmly, "How do you want us to help you?"

"You" Qin Xiangyu couldnt think of anything.

Gao Zhen looked at her confused look and a trace of pity arose in his heart. "Half the people in the entertainment circle now have your photos. Although they havent been circulated to the public yet, its a matter of time. The company and I can only give you up."

Qin Xiangyus hand trembled. "You guys want me to go into hiding?"

"Yes. This will be permanent as well."

Qin Xiangyus body softened, and she fell onto the sofa.

Gao Zhen sighed. "Xiao Yu, its better to let go now that these photos have landed in your rivals hands. Perhaps they wouldnt pursue this matter anymore after you leave the entertainment circle. At the very least, you can keep your reputation and start all over again in a new industry."

Qin Xiangyu shook her head crazily. "No, Im not willing to. There must be another way!"

She had fought hard for so many years, and it hadnt been easy for her to climb to this height. She couldnt be beaten back to the original state just like that!

"Theres no other way. Its best if youre willing to do it, but its of no use even if youre unwilling. This is the companys decision. I cant change it."

After saying this, Gao Zhen turned around and left.

Qin Xiangyus desperate tears finally fell. She let out a pitiful scream full of hatred.

"Lin Wanwan! I will definitely not let you off!"

Lin Wanwan knew that Qin Xiangyu would not let her off. She also knew that Qin Xiangyu wouldnt be able to create any trouble anymore.

As the company kept her in hiding, all of Qin Xiangyus notices were stopped and her endorsement opportunities were canceled. It was as if the highly sought-after little fairy had completely disappeared overnight.

Aside from her fans, no one cared about her whereabouts.

On this day, the weather was great.

It was rare for Lin Wanwan to get off work early. She lay lazily on the bed and rested.

Lu Zhanbei pushed open the door and saw the beauty lying on the bed, wearing only a spaghetti-strap nightdress. His sexy Adams apple moved, and he took off his clothes while walking over.

When he reached Lin Wanwan, he was only left with the last piece of clothing.

Lin Wanwan turned over in disdain.

Social civilization had progressed to such a state, yet there was actually someone who still dared to be a hooligan in broad daylight!

Seeing that she wasnt responding to his actions, Lu Zhanbei lifted her up horizontally.

"Lu Zhanbei, what are you trying to do?"

"Shower together to save water."

Lin Wanwan struggled in his arms. "I showered half an hour ago."

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist and buried his face in her neck. "Lin Wanwan, Im hungry."

"Im hungry as well. Lets head downstairs for a meal."

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her hand and positioned it downwards. "My stomach isnt hungry. Its here that is."

Lin Wanwan gave him a side glance. "No sexual behavior before marriage."