Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Anyone Who Looked Like A Love Rival Should Be Shot Dead

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The counts daughter?

Lin Wanwan was shocked. Shen Zhiyi helped to explain, "Feng Xiaowei is a mixed-blood from Xia country and Country Y. Shes not only Lu Zhanbeis secretary. Shes also the founder of the second-largest jewelry brand in England. Oh right, her father is a British count. Although his title isnt too high, he still has some form of influence with the royal family."

Ruan Baoer nodded and added, "She can survive in any part of the world and is a true international daughter from a prestigious family."

Lin Wanwan could not help but click her tongue. With such a background, she was actually willing to be a mans secretary?

Yes there must be some sorcery involved!

The big manor retained the exquisite grace of the East but also added the Wests openness to details. It was very unique.

Several beautiful pavilions were built on the lawn. There was a small building dedicated to resting. Some servants, who were dressed in maid costumes, stood quietly by the side.

From afar, Lin Wanwan saw Feng Xiaowei.

She wore a silver-white riding suit and a small helmet of the same color. Coupled with her height of 1.72 meters, her silhouette alone was enough for one to determine that she was valiant and heroic in bearing.

Grabbing the bow with one hand and putting the bow with the other, she then pulled the bowstring to a certain extent. Then, her finger loosened!

With a swoosh, the arrow hit the center!

Clap, clap, clap. Lin Wanwan was not stingy with her applause at all.

Ruan Baoer was shocked and threw Shen Zhiyi a look, as if asking, "Did Ball have her brain squeezed?"

Shen Zhiyi smiled and shook her head. She followed along and clapped.

Regardless of whether Lin Wanwan treated Feng Xiaowei as her love rival or not, her practice was commendable.

Feng Xiaowei looked over. She casually passed the bow to the servant and removed her helmet. She walked over slowly, and the heroic spirit was not diminished by her elegance.

What surprised everyone was that she walked to Lin Wanwan first and stretched out her right hand, which was covered with a white glove.

"Thank you. Im Feng Xiaowei. Ms. Lin, today is the first time we meet."

Lin Wanwan shook hands with her and smiled lightly. "Hello, Ms. Feng."

She could accurately address her by her surname. It seemed that she had done her homework beforehand.

Feng Xiaowei then looked at Lu Zhanbei and said plainly, "Today is the 12th day Im in Xia country. How busy is CEO Lu to be willing to see me only now?"

Lu Zhanbei replied, "Dont you know how busy I am?"

"Busy being in a relationship?"


Feng Xiaowei acknowledged with an "oh" and didnt seem to mind. "Congratulations."

"Thank you."

As the two of them conversed, Lin Wanwan sized Feng Xiaowei up either by design or accident.

She was very pretty and had a unique beauty to her. She had the looks of an Eastern beauty. However, her defined facial features and light blue eyes made her seem elegant and majestic. Although she didnt have a cold expression, her smile was very faint and a distant feeling was produced quietly.

Even when she was chatting with Lu Zhanbei, she had a lukewarm look and didnt show any affection toward him.

Ruan Baoer didnt think so. Anyone who looked like a love rival should be shot dead!

She secretly poked Shen Zhiyi. "Dont you love beauties the most? Quickly go and flirt with her. If you can take down Feng Xiaowei, I promise to sing you Conquer.’"

However, Shen Zhiyi said, "Im not interested in her."


"Im not a lesbian."

She liked girls who were cute, soft, and easy to be knocked off their feet. She wasnt interested in someone who would give off the illusion that she was actually in a relationship with herself.

Feng Xiaoweis attention didnt stop only at Lu Zhanbei. She greeted the other people and said in a concise manner, "Please do as you please."