Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 759

Chapter 759 So Flirtatious

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Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan. "What do you want to play?"

"Anythings fine."

Lin Wanwan hadnt been doing any entertainment activities recently. It was rare for her to be out. She wanted to have a good time as well.

At this time, Feng Xiaowei walked over and issued a challenge. "CEO Lu, do you mind competing with me on archery?"

"Ok." Lu Zhanbeis tone was carefree.

Shen Zhiyis eyes shone. "Include me too. Wanwan, do you want to try as well?"


"Ill go first." Feng Xiaowei pulled the arrow. Without any surprise, it hit the red center.

Lu Zhanbei pulled the bow. His finger loosened, and the arrow hit the red center furthest from the target.

A trace of a smile flashed past Feng Xiaoweis light-blue eyes. "CEO Lus skills are comparable to the past."

"Yours too."

The two of them asked and answered questions in a formulaic manner. They didnt seem to be friends. Instead, they seemed to share a superior-subordinate relationship.

It was Shen Zhiyis turn. One could tell that she was quite proficient in this. She easily hit the middle of the red center as well.

The last was Lin Wanwan. She had never touched an archery bow before. She didnt control her strength well. Not only did the arrow that was shot out fail to hit the red center, but the bowstring also broke due to excessive force.

Oh, that was a little embarrassing.

As Lin Wanwan thought this, she looked up and unexpectedly met Feng Xiaoweis eyes.

Her eyes were calm. They even carried with them a smile, a smile that seemed to show that everything was under her control.

Sensing Lin Wanwans gaze, she shifted her gaze plainly and no longer looked at her. She pulled the bow again.

The arrow firmly hit the target that Lu Zhanbei had shot at before.

Lin Wanwan looked at the two arrows that were nailed together. Then, she looked at the arrow she shot, which was on the grass.

It was clear who stood higher.

What was this?

Was Feng Xiaowei unintentional, or was she trying to use such a method to prove that she was better than her?

Lu Zhanbei walked over and handed over the bow in his hands to her. "Ill teach you."

Standing behind her, Lu Zhanbei held her hand and taught her how to control her strength and how to aim.

In the process, he was focused. When he saw Lin Wanwans serious expression occasionally, he couldnt help but curve his lips. He was completely different from the man who was elegant yet difficult to get close to usually.

Feng Xiaowei witnessed it all quietly.

Shen Zhiyi, who was by the side, accurately captured her fingers, which were slightly twitching. She smiled playfully.


Just as Lin Wanwan planned to shoot again, Shen Zhiyi walked over. She pulled her to the side and whispered something.

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Would that be ok?"

"Youll be fine listening to me."


Lin Wanwan pulled the arrow again. Following the loosening of her finger, the arrow flew out and brushed past the target.

She wasnt discouraged. "Again."


Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Lin Wanwan released a few arrows consecutively. She didnt even manage to hit the nearest target. Instead, her skills became more outrageous. One of the arrows even shot up to the sky and finally landed in the grass.

Feng Xiaowei smiled lightly. "It looks like Ms. Lin is not gifted in this aspect."

"I think so too." Lin Wanwan spread out her hands and appeared distressed.

Lu Zhanbei swept his gaze over her. "Why didnt you say that youre too stupid?"

Lin Wanwan retaliated impolitely, "Why didnt you say that you are blind? There are so many smart women in the world. However, you chose me."

"Thats fine. Ill get used to it."

"Do you still despise me, then?"

"I do."


"Dont worry. Regardless of how much I despise you, I wont ask for a refund."

"However, I want to."

Shen Zhiyi rolled her eyes. "If the two of you continue to display your love for each other, do you think I wont light up a torch?"

Ruan Baoer instigated, "Quickly burn them to death!"