Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Everyone Remembers Her

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During the interview, she had informed the reporters that she did not have any mental issues. Although the words had spread to the netizens, no one took her seriously. Most people commented “hahaha,” as if she’d told a hilarious joke.

Thinking about this made Lin Wanwan a little sad.

An Qiao was embarrassed by Lin Wanwan’s words. Touching his beard, he laughed and said, “You are a student now, studying should be your main focus. However, you are the only one fit for this task, so”

“What is it?”

“Do you want to film another movie? The role is the main supporting actress. However, worry not, the importance of this role is not less than that of the female lead. We call it the soul character of the movie, and it’s definitely going to be the blockbuster of literary films.”

Lin Wanwan was confused for a second.

In her past life, she’d taken years to make her way from playing bit roles to being the top actress. It was relatively quick, but it sure was a tough journey.

Now, if being on the screen right at the start of her career was considered lucking out, what more An Qiao recommending her for another significant role?

If it hadn’t been An Qiao who said it, she would have taken it as a joke.

“Which movie is it?”

“‘The Distance Just For You’.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. After a while, she finally said, “Is it by Director Tan?”

“Right, you’ve heard about it too?”

Nodding, An Qiao cursed silently, ‘This girl calls Tan a director, but why does she say “uncle” when it comes to me?

“This movie had been shelved for two years because Tan hasn’t found a suitable supporting actress. When he saw you at the photo shoot, he decided that you are the one who can play Jin Yanran. If you don’t mind, the role is yours.”

Two years?

In her past life, she died on the way to the opening ceremony of that movie.

Which meant she had been dead for two years?

It’s been a long time

“Wanwan, what’s with the silence? It’s alright if you don’t want it, I can help you reject him.” An Qiao poked Lin Wanwan on her arm carefully.

“Not that.” Lin Wanwan came back to herself. Controlling her unsettling emotions, she replied firmly, “I will do it!”

That movie was a huge regret to her, so no matter what, she wanted to act as Jin Yanran.

An Qiao felt relieved hearing that. He smiled and said, “However, if the media learns of our internal decision, it might hurt our reputation. It will be better if we go through the standard process. Let’s arrange an audition when you are free. Don’t worry, although your acting skills are not as good as that person, your aura is just as outstanding. Tan will definitely be satisfied with you.”

“Who’s that person?”

An Qiao’s face sank. Shaking his head, he chose not to answer her question.

Lin Wanwan didn’t take long to figure it out.

That person is Lin Xiao?

Everyone still remembered her.

“Uncle An.”


Lin Wanwan gave him a sudden hug, a glimmer of tears flicked in her eyes. “Thank you.”

Before An Qiao could respond, she waved him goodbye. “I’m going back to my school, let’s meet next Saturday for the audition. Bye-bye!”

“Alright, see you next week.”

Lin Wanwan returned to school with a heavy heart.

Ever since she became Lin Wanwan, she had put Lin Xiao at the back of her mind.

However, the conversation with An Qiao had brought memories back to her.

She came to the sudden realization that there were a lot of people and things that she couldn’t forget.

Lying in her hostel, Lin Wanwan sighed.

Food was always her solution on moody days.

Leaving the hostel, she went through the familiar alleys to reach a low-key but delicious Chinese restaurant. She ate while staring blankly at her phone.

She got bored after a while, so she clicked on Lu Zhanbei’s number.