Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 760

Chapter 760 A Fox Will Reveal Its Tail Sooner Or Later

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Lin Wanwan chuckled.

At this time, Feng Xiaowei, who had been watching, walked over. She smiled lightly and changed the topic. "CEO Lu, Im here this time around to organize a charity event. I will invite a few people, including celebrities, to participate."

As she said this, she looked at Lin Wanwan. "Im not sure, but does Ms. Lin have a heart for charity?"

She asked it in such a way that if Lin Wanwan rejected it, it would seem she was unaffectionate.

"Of course. Im very willing to."

Feng Xiaowei seemed to be in deep thoughts. "I hope that this charity event will be more unique. Lets try this. Well change the activity into a game system. Ill donate one million dollars whenever a contestant earns a point from the guard whom Ive arranged. No upper limits."

Lin Wanwan was shocked. This was an extraordinarily large amount.

"What are the specifics of the games?"

"Theres a lot. I need to plan carefully. By then, I will inform Ms. Lin via CEO Lu."

Next, Feng Xiaowei led the group of people back to the manor.

The palatial restaurant displayed a very long dining table. The table was already full of all kinds of Western food.

Feng Xiaowei smiled slightly. "To host all of you, I have especially invited a chef who served the Queen over. I hope you will be satisfied."

Lin Wanwan suppressed her voice and asked, "Sister Zhiyi, dont you find that this Ms. Feng is very similar to Lu Zhanbei?"

Lu Zhanbei was sharp-eared and heard what she said.

"For example?"

"Both of them are boastful."

"" Lu Zhanbei was sharp-eared and heard what she said.

Shen Zhiyi strongly felt that way as well. "Its not only this. Wanwan, if you observe carefully, you will notice that Feng Xiaowei is similar to Lu Zhanbei in a lot of aspects."

Perhaps Feng Xiaowei was deliberately imitating Lu Zhanbei.

As Lin Wanwan had her meal, she silently observed Feng Xiaowei and tried to recall her every move from before.

After having lunch, Lu Zhanbei was prepared to leave.

Feng Xiaowei didnt hold them back. "Lets stay in touch via mobile."


Lu Zhanbei held Lin Wanwans hand and got on the car. Ruan Baoer was still under her parents supervision. She could only reluctantly get into her own family car.

Feng Xiaowei watched as the car traveled further away. When the cars shadow couldnt be seen, she turned around and left.

Int the car, Lin Wanwan held her chin with both hands and looked at Shen Zhiyi. "Now, I understand why you said that Feng Xiaowei is very similar to Lu Zhanbei."

To be exact, she was very similar to the Lu Zhanbei of the past.

Cold and arrogant, mysterious, elegant, calm, seemingly polite and easy to talk to but unfathomable in reality.

Shen Zhiyi shrugged her shoulders. "Are you willing to believe my previous words now?"

Lin Wanwan frowned.

Previously, Shen Zhiyi had suggested for her to verify if Feng Xiaowei was really concerned about Lu Zhanbei or if she was just pretending.

She deliberately shot the arrows in a mess and flirted with Lu Zhanbei.

Although Feng Xiaowei was eventually as calm as water, she continued by mentioning the charity event. She was forcing her to participate in a way, and it seemed that she had something else up her sleeve.

"There doesnt seem to be evidence that proves your conjecture is true."

Shen Zhiyi smiled meaningfully. "We can find out very soon if its true or not."

As long as she was a fox, she would reveal her tail sooner or later.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "What are the two of you talking about?"

Shen Zhiyi replied first, "A secret between women."

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "Youre considered a woman too?"

"Biologically, yes."

After they returned to Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan lay spinelessly on the sofa. Suddenly, she felt her body sink.

She opened her eyes and met Tianbas round eyes.