Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 761

Chapter 761 If You Make Me Go Hungry For Too Long I Will Become Desperate

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Lin Wanwan pinched its face. "Get down. Youve gained weight again."

Tianba snorted twice. It pressed its whole body against Lin Wanwan until she started to roll her eyes.

Without waiting for her to push it away, Lu Zhanbei removed it. "This is my spot."

Lin Wanwan looked at him in disdain. "Youre actually competing with a dog for favoritism. Where is your sense of shame?"

"Boohoo!" Tianba used a wolf-cry to complement her words.

"Do I ever have shame when it comes to you?"

"" Count on him to be thick-skinned. She conceded.

Lin Wanwan talked about serious matters. "Since Feng Xiaowei has such a strong background, why was she willing to be your secretary?"

Lu Zhanbei said truthfully, "Thats what my mother wanted. She herself was agreeable as well."

Lin Wanwans eyeballs turned in her eyes. She elongated the pronunciation, "Oh~ I see."

It seemed that it was not only Lu Zhengyu who wanted to manipulate his sons marriage. His mother was not to be outdone as well. Feng Xiaowei must be Madam Lus choice of a daughter-in-law.

"What kind of expression is this?"

"Admiring that you have a lot of good fortune in love affairs."

"So you should feel a sense of danger now."


Lu Zhanbei stood by her side, and his ambiguous breath was blowing on her cheeks. "If you make me go hungry for too long, I will become desperate."

"Is that so?"

Lin Wanwan looked at him with a fake smile. She pushed him away hard and headed upstairs.

"If you dont mind a crooked tooth, I wont mind either. Dont blame me for not warning you in advance. If you dare to have dirty-minded thoughts, Ill dare to build a Hulunbuir grassland on your head. All the best on your own."

This woman was really ruthless.

The next day, the Xia Country Charity Organization released a piece of news.

World-renowned philanthropist and CEO of the international brand, "dream," Feng Xiaowei, would be organizing a charity event in Xia country. All the proceeds from this event would be donated to children in mountainous areas.

Doing charity has always been highly welcomed and popular among people. Feng Xiaowei had a strong background as well. Coupled with her unique looks, this international daughter from a prestigious family became highly reputable in Xia country within a short period of time.

Lin Wanwan now understood why she could survive in any part of the world.

Feng Xiaowei gave out invitations to renowned individuals from all walks of life. Some were public officials who were enthusiastic about public welfare. Some were business tycoons who had always been passionate about doing charity. They were all distinguished people.

However, what Lin Wanwan felt playful about was that

There was still a gimmick for this charity event. There would be a charity archery competition among celebrities.

Where were the many types of games they spoke about?

Why was there only an archery segment that she was not "proficient at"?

She was obviously picking on her.

She had deliberately shot the arrows in a mess. She didnt expect Feng Xiaowei to really believe it as real.

Shen Zhiyi deliberately called her. "Wanwan, do you now believe that Feng Xiaowei isnt as clean and honest as she seems?"

Lin Wanwan pouted and didnt reply to her question. "Sister Zhiyi, will you be participating in this event?"

"Im going. However, Im just there as a guest to watch the drama."

In order to gain higher exposure, the players she arranged were all celebrities who had high popularity.

She grabbed hold of some celebrities desire to climb higher up the ranks and invited a number of big shots.

Furthermore, this activity would be broadcast via television. If she lost too badly, she would naturally become a laughingstock.

Games such as archery were relatively unpopular. There werent a lot of celebrities in the entertainment circle who knew how to play. However, this was a good opportunity to expand ones network. Thus, there were a lot of people who signed up for it.

However, there were only four available slots.

Half a month later, "Loving You Is My Business" finally finished filming.

Lin Wanwan also invested in this TV drama and could be considered as one of the investors.

When she was having her lunch break, she suddenly received Si Hans call. "Go to the TV department for a while."