Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 762

Chapter 762 Fate Through Thick And Thin

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"To get the audit results of the TV drama."


Lin Wanwan was feeling bored and, thus, drove over with her new car.

Ever since Lu Zhengyu left and under Lin Wanwans strong request, Lu Zhanbei no longer let Gu Mo follow her around anytime, anywhere.

Once the lift door opened, Lin Wanwan saw a familiar face.

She saw everyone gather round the respected Luo Nanxi, who was in the center. Several female celebrities who came to the TV department to sign contracts smiled warmly at her, in an attempt to please her. All of them hoped that Luo Nanxi would use her husbands influence to let them benefit and gain more resources.

When Luo Nanxi, who was about to enter the lift, saw Lin Wanwan, her face sank.

"Lin Wanwan, what are you doing here?"

"You dont own this place. Why cant I be here?"

Lin Wanwan snorted and brushed past Luo Nanxi.

Luo Nanxi gritted her teeth. However, she couldnt find a good way to retaliate.

The order to give Lin Wanwan the cold shoulder previously had already been canceled. Now, she was once again at the peak of her career, and many resources took the initiative to find her.

"Lin Wanwan!" Luo Nanxi chased over with quick steps. "Do you know that Ms. Feng is organizing a charity event?"

"And so?"

Upon hearing this, Luo Nanxi was so happy that her lips curved. "This is the biggest charity event in Xia country in recent years and will be held three days from now. Its a pity that Ms. Feng only opened up four slots. One to me, one to Teacher Zhao, one to Luo Han, and the last one to be decided by Ms. Feng herself."


Luo Nanxi was unable to read Lin Wanwans expression from her calm face. She continued to agitate her. "There would be a lot of high-ranking individuals you have never seen before in your life there. As long as you beg and apologize to me, Ill bring you along so that itll be an eyeopener for you."

Lin Wanwann wanted to faint. "Thanks for your kind intentions, but theres no need to. After all, its rare for you to go to such an occasion. You should cherish it more."

After saying this, she left.

Luo Nanxi was so angry that she was glaring angrily. The sidekicks around her immediately chopped in, "Why are you angry with Lin Wanwan? Regardless of how famous she is, shes just a celebrity. Youre the ministers wife. Sister Nanxi, why dont you bring me along so that it can be an eyeopener for me?"

"Lin Wanwan just doesnt know any better. Sister Nanxi, I want to go too."

Several peoples flattery appeased the unhappiness in Luo Nanxis heart. She lifted her chin happily, her vanity satisfied.

"Let me consider it."

Upon hearing that they stood a chance, they immediately tried to please her further.

It was now three days later, and the venue of the event was at Feng Xiaoweis private manor.

Early in the morning, luxury cars drove over one after another. The Imperial Capital TV station also sent over a group of professional film crew. They arranged a number of aerial cameras and were prepared to proceed with a live broadcast 360 degrees with no dead angle.

As the organizer of the event, Feng Xiaowei personally appeared to host them.

Aside from the participating celebrities, there werent a lot of people. However, everyone was a big shot who stood at the top of the Xia country pyramid.

Among them was Tang Chen.

He was leisurely heading inside when he suddenly felt someone tap his shoulder.

Tang Chen turned around and saw Shen Zhiyis beautiful face.

"Peach-shaped eyes, youre interested in this event as well?"

Tang Chen laughed evilly. "Thats because I smell gunpowder."

Furthermore, Lin Wanwan would be here as well. Of course he wouldnt miss out on this chance.

Shen Zhiyi seemed to have found a like-minded partner. "It looks like we are going to watch the fun together again today."

"Lets see."

At the same time, at the entrance of the manor

Lin Wanwan had just got off the car when a sentence appeared in her mind.

Fate through thick and thin

However, it was a doomed fate.