Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 763

Chapter 763 So Much Hatred For Her

Chapter 763 So Much Hatred for Her
Luo Nanxi, who wore a gorgeous sexy outfit, lifted her dress. She carefully got off the car. As she looked up, she saw Lin Wanwan, who was silently looking at her.

She was confused. After a while, she shouted, "Why are you here?"

This tone was exactly the same as when she questioned Lin Wanwan why she was at the TV department back then.

"Why? Do you own this place as well?"

"" Anger flared in Luo Nanxis heart.

From the corner of her eye, Lin Wanwan saw Feng Xiaowei walking over. Her eyes shone and she took the initiative to lean over. Then, she held the other partys arm and posed like they were a pair of good sisters.

"I share a good relationship with Sister Feng. She especially left that last reserved slot for me. Isnt that right, Sister Feng?"

Feng Xiaoweis body stiffened a little. A trace of coldness flashed past her eyes quickly. "Yes."

Seeing that she was jealous, Lin Wanwan was happy.

She was certain now that Feng Xiaowei was indeed interested in Lu Zhanbei.

When Luo Nanxi heard Feng Xiaowei acknowledging that they shared a good relationship, she could not help but feel shocked.

Lin Wanwan knew that Feng Xiaowei didnt want to see her. However, she continued to cling to her. The way she smiled was especially soft and sweet, and she even acted like a spoiled child. "Sister Feng, my boyfriend has something on and will only be here later. I dont like waiting alone. Can you go in together with me?"

Upon witnessing this scene, Luo Nanxis eyes turned red.


The temperature around Feng Xiaowei dropped suddenly. However, she still maintained a smile on her face. "Ok."

"Sister Feng is so nice."

Lin Wanwan felt that Feng Xiaowei probably had the urge to stab her with a knife.

Half an hour later, everything was ready to go.

The beautiful pavilion was converted into guest seats. There were a lot of distinguished guests seated.

Knowing that Lin Wanwan was participating in such an event, Si Han also returned from overseas.

The four participants changed into their clothes and arrived at the preparation site.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the aerial camera that was hovering in midair, then at the reporters who were filming not too far away. She felt bored and could not help but chat with Luo


"Luo Han, havent you always liked to do charity in secret? Why is it that youre keeping such a high profile this time round?"

Luo Hans eyes became sharp. "How did you know that I was doing charity in secret?"

Oh no!

Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped, and she smiled in disguise. "I guessed it. A handsome man like you who is low-key luxurious and full of inner beauty would definitely not be too flamboyant when doing charity."

As the two of them chatted, they got closer.

Lu Zhanbei, who was in the guest seats, looked unkind. Lin Wanwan didnt realize it.

Tang Chen leaned against the seat, as if spineless. Among the guests who were sitting upright properly, he seemed exceptionally lazy and flirtatious.

"Lu Zhanbei, I didnt give you a gift for your birthday last year. Ill buy one for you tomorrow, yeah?"

Shen Zhiyi interrupted with interest. "What are you planning to get him?"

"A green cap."

Shen Zhiyi stole a glance at Lu Zhanbei. He was as calm as ever. He even gave a side glance to Tang Chen and curved his lips and smiled.

"Go ahead. At the very least, Im qualified to wear it. Unlike someone who wants to wear it but its unknown when he could ever do so."

"" Tang Chens face became as black as the bottom of a pot.

A few minutes later, the competition started.

After a draw, the first player was determined to be Luo Nanxi.

She walked over like a model doing a catwalk on the runway and didnt forget to show a smile toward the camera.

After the media hype, the broadcast today gathered the viewership of a large number of fans. If she performed well, her popularity would definitely increase.

It was a pity Luo Nanxi was a bimbo. After trying hard for a long time, she couldnt even pull the bow, let alone hit the target.